Safe Harbor, a poem by Lizette Estelle Stiehr

Safe Harbor

It is safe once more,
following lifetimes
of my gopher head
bringing it’s light
into the world
only to be smashed down again.
That is now

The contract with fear,
that agreeing it was useless to try,
Or worse yet, guaranteed failure
to dare walk in my light, my truth.
That is now

It is safe now
to speak aloud anywhere,
my larger truth of Oneness
with Creator, with people
with Tera, our Beloved planet.

The old illusion
of the dark being stronger
than my puny light
on this glorious planet.

It is clear now
that we can choose to manifest
gentle lessons and great joy
in daily miracles.
It is safe now.
We no longer need
to shell out payola
to the dark
to leave us
under the Job radar.
The light is our safety now.

The light is there
for the drinking.
The light particles
flowing into spaciousness
organizing those photons of light
to create what you choose
with your thoughts
and your heart.

– Lizette Estelle Stiehr
September 26, 2011
Inspired by Nina Brown’s Golden Dolphin messages of safety
And Amorah Quan Yin’s book, Affinity, page 97-99

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