Robert Winn

RWinnSpiritual Teacher and Transmutation Catalyst

Robert Winn, founder of Soul Breathing™, Spiritual Teacher and Transmutation Catalyst for 39 years. He is an expert in Higher Consciousness and Body-Mind-Spirit Integration. He is a “Polarity Integrator” – a master of the spiritual ascension embodiment process: the synthesis of polarities to allow the integration of higher frequency light/consciousness to be available to the individual, the planet and the human race.

He helps you let go of who you think you are and remember who you really are. He guides you become free to authentically express yourself and co-create loving, conscious relationships. Robert is a breath master, sound healer, soul coach and teacher of transcendental stillness meditation. People come to him to experience Initiation into Being.

Breath is Spirit in motion. It is the link between body and soul. Yet, most people barely breathe. Now is the time to remember how to breath fully in order to live fully – to breathe like dolphins: the joyful masters of conscious, connected breathing.

Soul Breathing gives you a cellular experience of your Divinity. This quantum process of re-spiring enables you to physically embody the frequencies of Unity and unconditional love for yourself and the planet.

He says:

In the end it is your vibration that determines where you will go and what will happen.”

We are in an intense phase of individual and global transformation. We are being both urged and inspired to transmute our blocked emotions, heal our bodies, free our minds, and connect to our divinity.

As the shift accelerates in 2012, it is vital that you are consciously aligned with Source. Moment to moment you must know intuitively how, what, when and where to take action in your life – without hesitation.

Breath is a gateway to the infinite source of energy and intelligence. An open breath will anchor you in the present moment, connect you to Spirit, and guide you to act from your divine wisdom. A full, flowing breath expands your consciousness and strengthens your foundation of wellbeing. Established in Unity, you enjoy more ease, power and freedom.”

Robert also designs and facilitates experiential learning programs for groups who desire to collaborate and master the art of co-creation. He awakens conscious leaders and courageous teams. He helps people shine their light and create more effective, sustainable and heart-centered organizations. He offers workshops and seminars world-wide.

His website is To contact him about healing sessions, please email Robert.

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