Responses to the Passing of the Baton

By year’s end, big changes will have unfolded for our community and for the world. We move towards December for deep spiritual work and transformation, a new direction, and a new website, still to come. Nina shared important information about this transition in both the final message from the Golden Dolphins, This is The Next Evolution of Awareness, and It Begins as The Threshold is Crossed, and in a recorded message. Here is some of the feedback we’ve received since those communications were first shared:

I found this most recent message both encouraging, and yet somewhat depressing. When I read that you were, in essence, stepping down, I found that incredibly sad. Then I thought of the following. You have become a center, a place where people can come in trust, knowing you will accept their message, sometimes help them interpret it, and also encourage them to explore the codes within themselves. I hope you will continue to be that center, a clearing house, as it were, of people and information. In addition, I was reminded of the thought church in Lily Dale, NY. There, people come to discuss ideas and to ask questions. Anyone can offer an opinion or ask a question. But the “church” has to provide the place and time for these people to gather. Someone has to have a “place” where these discussions can take place. So I encourage you as well to continue being that place and that channel that can help people of this knowledge gather and combine – even if that is only virtually.

Just my thoughts… I know you will do as you are guided, for you are a brilliant light illuminating a path for all other lights to find and follow.”

Nina’s response: “What a thoughtful note. I am stepping back more than down. The pods have been established and hopefully will grow all over the planet. My work is moving on in a slightly different direction – S.T.A.R. Wisdom. As we all move into a sovereign state of being with integrity, intention and imagination, we will discover, as you know that the answers lie within. We all need each other to spark remembering, and I will continue to be that spark whenever possible.

It is my role as THE messenger for the Golden Dolphins that is shifting. We are now ALL the messengers for that energy and wisdom. I carry an expanded message, the S.T.A.R. now State of Being. At the moment I am allowing the void to express so that with surrender, trust and allowing I can receive the clear understanding of what this new path will look like.

My love to you and deep appreciation for your words, which nourish me!”

I just listened to your wonderful transmission on Transformation: Passing the Baton. You radiate authenticity, integrity and courage. Thank you so much.

I will definitely connect with you etherically on the 12.12.12 and also on the 12.21.12. We are all anchoring in different places of the world, and on the 21st of December I will be in San Francisco with my family – holding my part of the sacred geometrical grid. Paradise also. I love the program where you and your collaborator Norma Tarango speak of what is to come on the 21st and the sacred time and space that we are embracing. I was on the Big Island with Dr. Emoto in 2006 and again in July of this year with my family so will just go into paradise by osmosis!

Sending you much love and playfulness – can already feel the dolphins and whales.
Many blessings as the sun rises over the Swiss Alps.

being the messenger for the group of Avatars of Sirius B
the beautiful messages and the inspiring gatherings.
being in my life, knowing you.
helping awakening me
making big decisions to change your gifts to the planet.

I am Divine and Human
I will step into my Sovereignty
I love you deeply

We never stop playing together.

I wasn’t able to read the whole message yet, but I read the part where you said you step back. First I was surprised. But now I understand your choice. It’s a brave one. And I appreciate your choice. By doing this the other ambassador (me and a lot of others) are invited to step fully into their own power. Thank you for helping me and all the others to step into their divine self.
With the greatest honor a accept the baton.

What an empowering message dear Nina I am truly so grateful and blessed that we have shared those moments and you introduced me to the Gold Dolphins – Indeed I feel strongly that our connection is from heart and soul with them and with You. May God Bless You always – You most certainly blessed me Namaste!

Heartfelt thanks, Nina, for your message of sovereignty and for your integrity in keeping to this message in all that you do. Profound gratitude for bringing through these messages of love and for brining heaven to earth. I have just moved to Malacca in Malaysia to manage team of UK English teachers helping Malaysian primary teachers to grow in confidence when teaching English. it will be great to anchor love here too. Honouring all sovereign souls around the planet as we bring divine love to earth. Love and blessings and light and joy and thanks.