Responses to Nina’s new video, The How & Why of the S.T.A.R. Clinic

Nina’s recent video on The How & Why of the S.T.A.R. Clinic inspired the following responses:

Thank you so much for sharing this divine work with such great love and integrity. Today in meditation I was hearing a lot about “intensive” highly concentrated energies tending to strengthen our Divine Presence as our divine birthright here right now. So you can imagine my delight to receive your message. Divine earth is in total partnership in the Allness!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you…my heart is yours! Much love and resplendent light.

Thank you very much. You sound excited on it! Congratulations. Love and support.

Your warmth shines through! You are a natural at this, Nina.

From all over the world I receive newsletters. From the earth-keeper letter, I found you. I feel so happy and I am deep[ly] touched by your words/visions! Lovely to know there are Pods of Golden Dolphins!! Tomorrow I have a telephone call with Yvonne van Buren at Utrecht in the Netherlands, to hear more about the Dolphin Pods. The Dolphins are always in and around me, [I] see them by my third eye in the night. I swam with them at La Palma and the Azores, 4 times, magic. I come Home with them. They are with Sananda and the Whales my daily life coaches, to inspire me to awake everybody who I met, near and at distance.
-Liesbeth van den Brandhof

It’s impressive how much this information is right on the “tip” of your brain, and therefore tongue. Just what you shared with me yesterday – but very clear, succinct and well organized. And you look as excited as we all will be once we get it, what this gift IS!

This makes me soooooo excited! Yes, yes, it’s wonderful. Interesting how much more carbonated you’ve become since the Juice interview. Something’s afoot!

The person on this video seems so much more confident about the message than the reluctant author I met a few years ago. Sure makes me smile to watch you speak.