Response to “Message of Love from the Inner Earth Beings” – 4/4/2011

I’ve just listened to your talk in Santa Fe and the message you brought through. I heard and felt how heavily this message rests on Nina’s shoulders (at the start of the talk), and also the deep sincerity of Anaya Ra as you proceeded. Thank you so very much for the courage and honesty that you are. Thank you for bringing this through – the full magnificence of it all – the message, the codes, and everything else.

After listening to the whole talk, I’ve now listened to the section where you speak the Inner Earthian words – a few times. As I listened, I felt surges of energy come through me during the entire section of Inner Earthian words, and an upwelling of emotion turned into tears. I don’t exactly understand why, but I feel it is a recognition and a longing of some kind. And I felt/saw the loving Blue Beings. I am Amazed. I hope to understand more in time. Thank you.

With Love and Immense Gratitude,