Response from the May 12th S.T.A.R. Clinic Webinar

The May 12 S.T.A.R. Clinic Webinar with Nina Brown and Lauren Galey was an Interdimensional Healing Session and discussion of “What comes after 12/21/12? Am I prepared?” Two hundred people signed up for this fun event and listeners asked some great questions. Thanks to all who participated!

Here is some of the feedback we have received:

I was so happy to listen to your voice again. What a technology! Lots lots lots of gratitude for the FASCINATING transmission & all the wisdoms! My heart was vibrating so much with tears.

Re: S.T.A.R. Clinic webinar

Deep appreciation for your creating it and for our remembering.

I loved the session you had with Lauren last night! Thank you for the transmission of the codes – very powerful and beautiful. I hope there will be more S.T.A.R. Clinic webinars so that myself and the others can participate from here in SA (South Africa)?!

Thank you Lauren and Nina for this beautiful webinar.

Nina again helped me too acknowledge that I am divine and that this is a very important requisite to create and anchor the new golden age! And helping others to help themselves. Thanks, with all my love and light.

Grateful thanks to you, Nina, for the wonderful S.T.A.R. Clinic webinar yesterday. Many blessings xx

Thank you for this webinar. I feel this event is/was helpfull to bring the Golden Dolphins on earth!

Yes, thank you, I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar of the Golden Dolphins S.T.A.R. Clinic, though I am only just starting to ‘dip my toe in the water’, you might say, and have trouble convincing myself I’m not an imposter, as I never had anything resembling a spiritual experience for the first 55 years of my life and, even now, have very minor experiences compared with what others seem to have had. During the transmission of light codes, I did feel as if a warm liquid was being poured through my heart. Many blessings.

Thank you again for your kind opening of the Webinar. I’m still excited to know that what I experienced was a reality of Heart I do wish to find although working with the Light workers for a short time and have so much homework in what I do not still understand I wish to find my Theme on this Planet for so many questions are un-answered confirmation without a doubt brings harmony within myself. Thank you

I Thoroughly enjoyed the webinar. I love Nina! I spent time with her in Arkansas and Egypt. Lauren, your session was powerful, joyful and illuminating. As you were discussing the Golden Dolphins, a shaft of sunlight filtered through the trees and danced across my closed eyelids, and I sensed dolphinsflipping and turning, joyously and exuberantly, in the light stream. Thank you for the part you are playing in this great shift of the ages. I could listen to it all day! Again…it was a de ‘light’ ful session. Another illuminating event (for those of us who are awakening) to help us navigate through, as Nina said, “the reality of this illusion!” 🙂 I look forward to another webinar. Love and gratitude.

Hi Lauren, Just a note to thank you for the beautiful energies on the webinar Saturday. I do not say this lightly, but want you to know I had a MAJOR awareness shift in certain things Nina said – “I said YES to coming and I WILL be supported on my path, things will flow with ease and grace and if I have to push – it isn’t worth it!” Absolutely life changing shift for me! Thank you both sooo much, Love.

Thank you, Lauren, for letting me share this wonder gift. I felt the energy in my third eye and in my leg where I had paid last year. I did the DNA activation with Nina in 2010 and felt a special warmth for her since. Thanks you for the good work that you do, it only takes few people to help bring in the golden age. Love, light and blessings.

I wanted to Thank You, from my heart to yours, for this incredible webinar with Nina. Just what I needed, and how I AM reminded to just remember the Truth, of Who I AM, and who we all are. The transmission opened my heart, and I felt the tears of JOY on my face, and felt the Ahhhh in my body in that moment. It was so amazing to literally hear without words as was my experience. I am so honored, and grateful to feel connected and opening up in a new and adventurous way that touches my heart and spirit as I learn to simply be who I AM with all the others who are called and answer. In Laughter, in Light, and in Love, Wholehearted Blessings.

The webinar Saturday was excellent, especially the meditation and codes given at the end. We do so appreciate you and the work you do.

Wonderful teleseminar!! Seems like you explain things more clearly and completely every time I hear you. Once again, thank-you for all you do for humanity and this beautiful planet. I am grateful, grateful, grateful.

I am listening in from The Netherlands, and just want to express my gratitude for you all, to be able to connect to you, because I sometimes feel alone in my interest in things what this webinar is about. It gives me a good feeling that I am not alone and distance does not exist. What you talk about Nina, sounds so familiar to me and still offers new possibilities. Bless you all, with love.

Thank you Nina, I experienced the most beautiful crystalline rainbow colors during the transmission. Love love love.

Thank you, Nina, for all love and wisdom shared!

Is amazing, the sound, the vibration. I see this beautiful color, this wonderful experience. My gratitude to Nina.

I have gratitude and grace.

Tingling on crown chakra.

No resistance.

Thank you.

I became very emotional, Nina. Thank you.

Thank you for this invitation.

Nina, the experience of the new world has brought to me a level of understanding. I have the push to move forward without obstacles in my way.

Thank you for ushering in more peace, love and joy. Blessing to you, Nina.

Thank you so much for being willing to share with me, us! What a privilege to come together with those of like interests. Many blessings.

Helped me a lot today. Blessings.

Yahoo! I was hoping for this…Language of Light.. Thank you Nina and Lauren.

Thank you so much! I needed to hear that!!! Love you!

Beautiful music to my heart.

That’s called a jaw dropper. hehehehehehe.

Thank you, Nina, very strong energy entered my body. Love and light

Thank you, Nina! Thank you, Lauren! Excellent transmission love and light.

Thank you, Nina, so wonderful to connect again and for the wisdom you have portrayed to us today.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Angel and dolphin Hugs to all!

Before Nina started, a dolphin appeared dancing backwards into the magnificent light behind the dolphin. Then I saw one predominant entity and once she got into tongues I heard a dolphin speaking also in the same language…great.

Nina, dolphins rock! You rock!

Thank you, Nina, for your work.

Nina also spoke of Sirius B. That is MY HOME STAR. That’s where I am from. That’s where the gift of Music comes from, I am told. Is that also your and Nina’s home star? Maybe that’s why I was guided to join you on this call for the first time ever.

I have a question for Nina. I had two Golden Dolphins show up in a channeling session on 3-28-12. Their names are Siranite and Adolphis. Has she ever heard of them?

Thank you for showing me how important my work is…my offering to humanity. I sometimes feel if it comes through me, it is not important. I accept my divinity in a new way today. I know many have been helped by my work called, The Way of the Rainbow and I know many more will be served as I continue with it. Thank you so much for your truth…both of you.

Nina, I so enjoyed your session on the Webinar. So much positive energies shared and to be remembered. Today I stand in ovation with you in what you are doing with the Golden Dolphins and So it is.