Relationship with Water – Golden Eagle and Camilla Blossom

Santa Fe Gathering of Golden Dolphins – December 4, 2011

I’ll introduce Golden Eagle, whose a…how would you describe yourself?

Golden Eagle speaks:
There’s a lot of different ways: ‘Native American spiritual leader’ is one of the introductories I’ve been given. The other one is ‘ceremonial doctor’. My teachers – actually, let me go back a little further: my Native American name is Taiba Quina-ha (phonetic spelling in English), which was given to me before I was born. Taiba in our language is mountains, the mountains of the Sierra Nevadas. Quina-ha means the eagles of the mountains. And so it was my job in this time around on this planet to be able to be a seer for the healers of what needed to be healed in our lands. And throughout my journey here on this planet, many things have been shown to me through the plant nations, the animals nations and the water nations. One very, very powerful inspiration for me coming here today is to maybe acknowledge to you, as a group, voices that we call “silent voices” of the nations that live with us.

Collective consciousness doesn’t only reside in the human form. Collective consciousness also resides with all the living beings that are here upon this earth. I come as a spokesman for this planet, for the mother earth, as a servant protector. That’s my job here on this realm. We look at different environments around the sacred mother earth, sacred Gaia, and we look at sustainability communities that are going to provide safe havens for us in the future. We work with a lot of the paleidians, that create what we call ‘great migrations’ that are going to happen here in the future – things that are going to take us out of the old paradigm, the old way of thinking. There are new codes that are coming into our existence, new modalities as the Golden Dolphins societies and realms. Different crystalline grids are being shown through matrixes that have never been here on this planet before: color matrixes, frequency matrixes, things that were foretold in prophecies that are here with us now.

Our job is basically to identify communities that will be our sustainable future. We believe that right here in Santa Fe is one of the future’s cities that we see of golden light. This will be a crossroads for civilizations to come and to either reside or replenish to be able to go on to their journeys. There are several what we call star cities that are emerging on this planet right now. What we bring to the table is offering our way of understanding our environment and we introduce a modality to the frequencies of water.

What you see here in the center are some of the tools that we use to sustain water in environments like you have here in Santa Fe. We’ve known that the frequency of the water in our environment creates a frequency that we use in our every day life. If the frequency is altered by man made ways of introducing the water to our taps, then that frequency is altered from a pure state to a mechanical state, into our glass, into our bodies and so the frequencies are altered. This this kind of like what you guys are talking about with the gold. The gold frequencies that we introduce into the waters – the sustainably frequencies that can travel through any modality into our bodies.

But first we need to identify source. What is it here in our communities that are contributing to our frequency water? What are we drinking? What chemicals are being placed in our water to alter that energy field? Again we can see vibrations within the water structure coming through the pipelines, coming through our water resource agencies, that our pure body, our higher consciousness body, is not adapting to. All of the metals that we use, and the copper piping and the plastics and the glues and all of the things that they use to transport our water – it is reducing the frequencies in our body, our ultimate self frequency. So what we do – along with my companions here – we bring in ancient alchemies to understand how we can raise the vibration of water in our sustainable communities so we don’t have to struggle with the frequency that goes into our body anymore. So we use crystalline energy to do that.

We are being downloaded with different codes for water right now. Out there in the environment, we introduce to the circle, a next generation of children. They are receiving, through the golden light, frequencies that many of us were not born with. Prior to 1968, those of us that are sitting in this room, we kind of lost out. In 1968 there came a frequency that entered into the children that were born at that particular time all the way up until now. It is a frequency that is even more powerful than anything we know – and that’s the blue light frequency. As we look at the blue light frequency – this goes back to Hopi prophecy – our children are being downloaded automatically through birth and through the mother’s womb and through what the mother is doing, through her water. And these children are becoming very, very aware of negative elements that we have co-created here on this planet in the human form.

The negative elements are a frequency. Kind of like with the dolphins, if things are placed into the water that are not acceptable to them, they will go in swirls and they’ll get out of that environment. The same thing is happening to our children right now. The frequencies are coming into the homes or in our little environments – going to the schools or whatever – and they are just like the dolphins, they’re receptors. And if the frequencies are too negative for them to co-habitate with, they start going wild. And we label it as ADHD or any number of modalities out there and we start giving them Ritalin, which really through their higher consciousness level, or higher self, way out of wack. And a lot of that is so damaging to their frequency levels that it is unrepairable.

So again, what we do is we come here with our intelligence, looking for communities that are willing to accept a responsibility for the waters in your community, to identify the grids that your water, your grids and lay lines, that your water runs through. We can use alternative methods to purify the water, enhance the water that we are in-taking in our body system. And so I’m honored to sit here within this structure that you’ve created here. It gives me hope that here in Santa Fe that what we are talking about is the same thing that you are talking about. We are looking for sustainable resources. But more than that, we are looking for intelligent sustainable resources. Not the dinosaur paradigm. We need to change the way we treat this environment so that it has respect again for us. We are living upon this planet and it can give us everything that it possible can give us through their means and not through our mechanical means. So we go out in the fields and we create medicine wheels to bring in the energies – the crystalline energies, golden dolphin energies – all of the other modalities – bring them in and saturate that land through the master crystals. We identify what’s in the lands that needs to be corrected or needs to be enhanced or put into alignment, if you will.

And we bring into the circle the plant nation and what I would like to do is introduce my partner, Camilla Blossom. She works with the plant nation, which is effected by the water nation. In the indigenous cultures, we understand that the plant nations were our original teachers here upon this planet. When we receive the energies from our plants, they are very, very strong messages because the waters that feeds these plants are very, very strong. I would like to have Camilla maybe offer a little bit of insight of what we are talking about here, out there in the environment that affects our living space.

Camilla Blossom speaks:
For the last twelve of more years, I’ve been working with flower essences and vibrational healing and really the medicine from the plants and the trees and the flowers and the moss and in communicating with them in a lot of different ways of how they can be medicine – mostly medicine for all of us to move into this ascension process. And now the shift in my life, in bringing us together on our path and journey in different communities is to really help people recognize that there’s a lot of medicine that is not just for the humans anymore. But we need to listen to the plants and the animals and the earth and really bring the medicine from all the realms for them as well. So a lot of the ceremony and the workshops and the work that we’re doing with communities that are interested is to show people and help them empower the community group to learn what kind of medicine does your water need. What is your relationship with your water here, what are the plants, the trees – what are they saying, how can they help the water here? When you go to the source of the waters in your communities, what are the crystals? How can they help?

Really the plants are wanting to be heard & listened to. The waters are wanting to be heard. They are the divine feminine nature and they need to be heard. And of course the Golden Dolphins swimming in the waters and we’re totally, all of us here, very connected already. So we’ve also done a journey just recently to the Bristlecone Pine Forest, which is in the California White Mountains and its the 4,000 year old ancient trees that only grow in one place in the world and they’re up at 10,000 feet. And there’s a lot of messages that are coming from these original teachers, these old, old trees and plants that they want to be shared. So I’ve made an essence of that and we’ve used it in fire ceremony.

I know you don’t have a lot of time but i just wanted to share a little bit about our work and also that we’re in the community for the next few weeks. If there are people who would like to gather with us, we would love to do a few hour workshop that kind of introduces some things and seeing if it can gather people together that would like to do more, with the idea that we would come back again and do more ceremony and what the community needs. We call ourselves earth walkers because we don’t have a home anymore; Our home is where we are and with all of you. We’re available for who wants to connect with us and open these gateways to the new earth and the caring of the water, since water is the essence. There is a flyer, too, on the table for anyone – or just come up to us if that’s something you’d like to help get going. We don’t really know places to have it or all that kind of stuff. We just kind of dropped in here. Since we’ve gotten here, I have to say a lot has happened -ceremony after ceremony.

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