Play with Us, Dear Ones, as The Pods Expand to Support The Newly Forming Crystalline Grid – 7/8/11

To the golden dolphins:

“Please confirm and elaborate on the message received at the last Gathering of Golden Dolphins in Santa Fe about pods being the rings around Gaia to support the fifth dimensional shift.”

Dear Ones, we have chosen to present this information at this time as the Golden Dolphin Activation Grid is being presented to our newly forming pods because the awareness of our mission and purpose is being more rapidly integrated by means of our grid. Yes, we did indeed inspire our grid to be created. We chose the artist, the design and the time, and you said, “Yes” to its manifesting, for which we honor you. The grid is exactly how you have described it, a sphere both representing and being the Flower of Life. It is symbolic as well as fully vital and alive. It has a charge of energy when created, that sparks the awareness of one’s human divinity, which is our ultimate mission, to advance humanity’s awareness of their human divinity.

The grid activates the pods. This, we now tell you, is critical in the evolution of the dimensional shift, for each newly forming and currently existing pod is an anchor for the fifth dimension. A pod is community, for community is ‘when two or more come together in My Name’ energy. That energy is the strength, the tool by which the fifth dimension is being anchored to the lower frequencies in which humanity currently exists.

The pods do indeed create rings around the planet. These rings are alive, active and currently exist, though you believe the pods have not yet been formed. They have been formed, dear ones. In the Now they all exist. You are just working your way, walking the path, experiencing their creation. It is as if you are choosing to move into them to be the human energy anchors, about which we speak.

When we have talked about the 144,000 who anchor the Crystalline Grid, this was true. This has been accomplished. Now, we are moving into the next phase of anchoring, and it is by means of the Golden Dolphin Pods. They will be the new anchors. You see, it is an exponential growth in frequency about which we speak. As the Crystalline Grid comes to its completion, it is required that the foundation, the support, the anchors be expanded to support the enormity of its radiance.

We now call upon the Golden Dolphin Pods to assist the 144,000. This too is why the creation of pods will expand rapidly, for the timing is such that many are to be in place and functioning by 12/21/12, the date that the completed crystalline grid is ignited.

You are not to be concerned, for those who will step forward have contracted to do so and are awakening to this mission. There is no need to do or to push or to force. Simply allow the divine flow of events to occur. For all is in divine order and all who are to participate have said, “Yes.” It is simply a matter of observing this divine flow of events in wonderment and joy.

We speak of joy, for this, about which we speak, gives us such profound joy that we can hardly contain our rapture and delight. Play with us, dear ones, as the pods expand to support the newly forming Crystalline Grid to assist with the awakening of humanity, you.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphins via Anaya-Ra

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