Play, the Most Important of All Esoteric Topicsー10/13/11

When you have accepted the invitation to move from the collective consciousness into unity consciousness, the Golden Dolphin Quantum Field, and embrace pure gold’s frequency as you embrace your human divinity, then what? We say play.

Think of us as we play in the waters of the ocean. The waters might be rough, but we swim with ease and grace. That is how we wish you to navigate the cosmic plasma ocean, in which we the golden dolphins swim and play. Life, the experience of being a divine human, is to be filled with joy and merriment. Then when the moments for action arrive you will be able to enter, with efficient maneuvering, into the worm hole that will carry you to the next place of play. Do you see the rhythm of life in the new earth that we wish to explore with you? Play in the full awareness of who you truly are. Play in the oceans of the new earth dimensional fields. Ease and grace will carry you to the exit point of that experience so that you can resume the play, or experience of life, in the new field of play. It is to be a delightful rhythm, dear ones, not a burden. Not a hardship, just an experience of all the different aspects of life, each one gifted to move you up on the spiral of life.

Pure gold is a tool to be used in this plasma field as the communication system about which we have been speaking over the last several months. We will be on the other end of the line, the highest vibration of your higher self. We will be inspiring you, guiding you and assisting with the events or rough waves that you are to traverse. We will be ever so much closer to you, available to you as a higher vibrating aspect of you. Do you see? You are so close in the timeless now to entering this field of unity consciousness, and it will be foreign to you. Many will actually leave to return to the comfort of the usual. That is why we are beginning to share with you the quantum properties of gold, for they are a tool that we both will use to assist in the transition. Become acquainted with pure gold. Look at it differently than as a medium of currency exchange or an ornament of beautification. Begin to shift your awareness and appreciation for the noble metal gold. It is vital that you begin this shift now as all else around you is shifting. For we are gifting you the knowledge, long hidden from you, of the power of pure gold. We offer this final piece of information to you. In the quantum field of the new earth, pure gold’s frequency will assist you in connecting with us so that all experiences will be seen as play. You will glide through the waves of the plasma ocean with ease and grace. We love you dearly.

The Golden Dolphins via Anaya-Ra