Play in the Now with Us Now – 4/8/12 (Easter Sunday)

Dear ones, on this day of resurrection, we come to you with a message of profound importance to the planet. It is with love that we share this message of joy. We speak of the resurrection of play and laughter, which has been suppressed over eons of time. The love that is in your heart has been repressed, as the joy has been repressed. The time is now for the reemergence of this vital frequency. Your heart is to open with the joy of life on all occasions. Play is to be a part of your moment to moment experience. Play is not for an occasional event. It is for every waking moment of your experience of life. We wish to convey the importance of this statement by sharing that is how we live our lives. Each precious moment we experience is in the light of play and joy. Look to us as an example, as a model of this way of being.

You ask so often, what is play? How can it be that we are to play at all times? How do we get our job done? How do we drive the car safely when we are playing as we drive? These are all appropriate questions, and we come to you now with the answers. Play is being in the “Now.” That is the definition, dear ones. Play is being in the “Now.” When a child “goes out to play” do they have worries about the expectations of others? Do they think about the past? Do they think about the future? When a child is at play, they are in the moment with whatever it is that they are doing.

Why has this joy for the experience of the moment disappeared in the lives of the adult? Where is the joy, the laughter, that was so present in childhood? Why did it disappear? You know the answers. We have told you often, “You take yourself too seriously.” The constraints and the vice of the collective consciousness have suppressed joy, laughter and play. We are here today, on this day of resurrection, to share with you that play is returning to the planet. As the energies of the golden dolphins return, so is the energy of play, joy and laughter. They are the same.

We gift you this day, dear ones, a most precious gift, the resurrection of play in the life of humanity. We gift you the definition of play so that you can contemplate what it is that has been missing in life within duality. We gift you the energy of the golden dolphins, the frequency of play, the frequency of living in the “Now.” Come play with us. We are here to share this vital gift with you. Play in the “Now” with us, now.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphins via Anaya-Ra