Our Desire is for the Full Remembering of Our Origin to be Awakened – 9/23/12 (Panther Meadow, Mt. Shasta)

The message that we, the Lemurians of Mt. Shasta, wish to transmit through the messenger is that we live, we breathe, we love and we cherish life. We cherish life that is pure and radiates with the harmonics of the divine Creator. This is our heritage, this is our memory of our first incarnation on planet earth. We left that environment when the earth waters and the earth magnetics shifted. It was our paradise, our home. The departure was with pain and difficulty, each emotion was felt clearly by each of us. The departure was not of our choosing. It was a collective decision. Leaving our birth place was with tribulation and sorrow.

We retain all memory of each walking moment. It is all clear to us today as we exist in the now in the energies throughout the planet. We, the Lemurians of Mt. Shasta, have called you here to hear our unique message, which, though unique, represents the heart of all, who once knew each other intimately in Lemuria many thousands of years ago. Our message, from Panther Meadow on Mt. Shasta, comes on this brilliant day in the crystalline clarity with which you see all around you. The clarity of our words will resonate in the written words, in the spoken word and in the remembered word, for those who are attracted to these words are of Lemurian birth as well. We are speaking for you and from you in the multi-dimensional realm in which we all dwell as one.

The time is now, the love frequency on planet earth is of sufficient frequency that we are to come forth to be physically visible to those with clear seeing. We no long protect our shapes from the eyes of the unbelieving. We will be visibly present to all who have a conscious or subconscious desire to know us. The knowing may at first be curiosity, but that will naturally transform into a belief that what is being shown, what is being viewed is a reality far beyond that of the third dimension. There is comfort in our hearts that this is right and proper action at this time in the dimensional shift, and so it shall be.

There is a yearning to return. We, representing all those who incarnated in Lemuria, hold a deep yearning to return to our nascent home, that known as Lemuria and presently as Hawaii. We have called on those who are in physical form to carry our energy back to the vibration that is our vibration, the land, the mountain of Lemuria. We yearn for this home coming. Many thousands have begun and will continue to travel to the Hawaiian island over the next few years without knowing why they are being pulled, but we tell you now that it is the time. It is the deep need and yearning to return home. Home is in our sacred hearts, but home is also in the matter that caressed us during our first years on planet earth. We remember the water. We remember the land. We remember the air, and we have a desire to be enveloped in these frequencies again.

As we are called back, for our energy field is in the quantum and it is returning to the mountain, there will be a transformation of awakening and remembering for all. The degree of this remembering and transforming will depend on the intention of the individual and their soul. The original blue print of our natal harmonics is present on the mountain. It is the memory of the land, the water and the air. We now are able to return to that memory, that state of being with pure intention. All that is necessary is, in this no time no space of the now – the moment of the dimensional shift, to place a foot on the land and to declare with a pure heart the intention. Within an instant the original DNA blueprint can revert to its original brilliance and unlock the memory of this past life.

So from the soil of Mt. Shasta, we declare that now is the time of no time where we declare our intention to join with the physical Lemurians to return home to the soil of Lemuria. Our desire is for the full remembering of our origin to be awakened. With this awakening will come a frequency and state of being that will hold the crystalline harmonics of the divine Creator. From these divine harmonics, we will be planting the seeds of the new earth, for the time is now. This is why so many Lemurians have returned to the planet, to vision and dream the new paradigm, the new earth.

As you read or listen to this transmission here from Telos, within Mt. Shasta, carry it in your breast and answer the inner calling to return to the soil, the water and the air of home, so that the inner home can be unlocked and revealed to each of you and through you to those Lemurians in the inner earth to be with you. Together we will travel. Together we will experience. Together we will feel, remember and expand the clarity of vision which we once knew.

With our deep love, we call on you and gift you with the vision of those within Telos, for those who hold the intention. Our love to our brothers and sisters, and all who had experiences other than that of Lemuria. We extend our heart and our love.

With appreciation and gratitude we end this transmission from the meadow on and in Mt. Shasta.
The Lemurians of Mt. Shasta