Only You Can Do the Inner Alchemy Work That You Came to the Planet to Experience — 8/31/12 (blue moon)

Ambassadors of the golden dolphin energies on planet earth, we greet you this auspicious day when the full moon appears twice in the same calendar month. We choose the frequencies of this day to address you, as it is a celebration. You ask with anticipation, “What are we celebrating?” We are celebrating you. Do you know the reason? We are having fun with you now. You see, we like to play.

We celebrate you because over the last several months, since the beginning of this year, 2012, there has been an increase in the awareness of the starseeds, you. You are very cognizant of this, and we are here to validate this knowing. What we want to share, as a new understanding for humanity, is that the cellular structure that is transforming from carbon to crystalline silicon is radiating a harmonic that is being felt not only on the planet but on distant planets and galaxies.

You have known that your shift in consciousness would effect other beings on other planets, but we tell you that it is from the transmission of the cells, which are transforming as we speak. This harmonic resonance is causing the cellular structure of beings far away to transform as well. There is a resonant connection between you and all creation, so why would this not be possible?

The honor that we bestow upon you is for this conscious and subconscious work. You are changing conscious awareness throughout the galaxies. Do you see? So with this knowing, it is easy to accept a responsibility beyond that which is necessary. The only responsibility that you have is to yourself. As you go, so go others, because of the energy that is emitted and received. It is automatic and always with permission and intention.

The result of what we are saying is that the work of creating the new earth is simple, merely focus on your conscious evolution and you change the external reality, or you create, as a creator being, the new earth. So, to summarize why we are celebrating is to say that you are doing “the work.” You are doing the inner alchemy work that is critical for the ascension or a raising of frequencies to other dimensional realities.

We have gifted many quantum gifts to you throughout the ages, sacred space, crystals, beings of highest consciousness, who have incarnated, and now the most recent gift to you is in the form of the Golden Dolphin S.T.A.R. clinic, which was expressed for the first time on planet earth last spring. This is called a clinic for many important reasons, but it is a state of being, which is gifted by the avatars of Sirius B to you to assist in the gentle, yet powerful, transformation of the ego self from time and space constraints to the majesty of the timeless now, in which we dwell.

Seek deep within in your soul, and look for ways in which you can awaken from the personality identification with your environment, body and time. This is the inner alchemy that is necessary, the unleashing of your identity from matter. You are more than matter, ambassadors. You are pure consciousness expressing as matter. This is the beauty of the ascension, the flow of awareness into this field of oneness with All That Is.

So you see why today, an extraordinary day, is the perfect moment in the timeless now to celebrate your “doing the work.” We cannot do it for you. We cannot take it away from you. It is critical to your journey on the spiral of life. Only you can do the inner alchemy work that you came to the planet to experience. But, we can assist. Call on us. We are you, and we are here for you.

The Golden Dolphin Avatars of Sirius B