Offering of Unique Codes to the Master Sun Disc at Rosslyn Chapelー8/24/11

Dear ones, as the time approaches for the transfer of crystalline codes at Rosslyn Chapel (September 3, 2011), we want you to be aware of the preparation that we are manifesting. The ether is rich with the Christ consciousness frequency and all who participate in this noble event are being purified and enlightened. It is not merely the intention of transference that is required. It is the total emersion of each participant in the field of pure love and light which is necessary for the transfer to occur in its purest form.

Each individual is being subconsciously groomed as a carrier of the code they incarnated with. These numerous codes will coalesce on a unique day, at a unique place. All has been prepared for this celestial moment. The toxins of the physical form will be removed. The vibratory rate of each participant will be increased and the energetic fields balanced and purified. Each soul will enter the space of transfer, Rosslyn Chapel, in unconditional love, light and purity. It has to be so. The sun disc at Rosslyn Chapel is the master sun disc. It will radiate to the other sun discs with pure love and light and must be approached in that manner. The codes of Rosslyn Chapel were set in place for just this moment in time. They will interact with the essence of each pilgrim, to allow for the final stage of purification to occur before the transfer of codes. The precise moment of transfer will be known by all simultaneously. All beings in the celestial realms will be in attendance and will be participating by means of their support and protection. This moment in the dimensional shift of humanity will be heralded in all of creation. Each person has carried this knowing for a lifetime and has said yes to the offering of their unique code to the master sun disc at Rosslyn Chapel.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphins via Anaya-Ra