October 2nd Gathering of Golden Dolphins, Santa Fe

At this event, Pod member Vladimir Turek shared a translation of a message from the golden dolphins in their cosmic language.

You may remember at the August 7th Santa Fe Gathering of Golden Dolphins while Matthew Reifslager was completing his message from Divine Mother, Nina was strongly moved to share a message from the Golden Dolphins that was transmitted in their cosmic language Paa-Taal. The benefit of the words coming through in their cosmic language is that they are felt from the heart of the listeners and bypass the brain and any potential personality bias in translation.

During that transmission one of the guests, Vladimir Turek, was simultaneously having an English translation flow through his awareness. Over the next month Vladimir, whose country of origin is the Czech Republic, then spent days transcribing from the audio recording into Czech and then into English his translation of the Paa-Taal message received from the golden dolphins that day in August. As Vladimir was processing the message, he described it as clear, informative and tough. Listen to or read the transcript of Vladimir’s translation.

Also, at the gathering, Debbie Simerl presented this film suggested by Beth Goodson of Switzerland. Dolphins by Frederic Delarue, edited by Andrea Pectu.

While this and another film of her brother swimming with the whales were being shown, one of the attendees seated on the floor was dancing with her hand movements. We were all so engaged and downloaded with codes from what we were catching. The gathering was magical because the group had the intention of connecting to the Golden Dolphin Quantum Field by means of the blessing of red and white water from Chalice Well and chants from Rosslyn Chapel, which were the translation of architectural codes in the ceiling into sound, a recently completed twelve-year project.


Pod Comments from the event

The Sunday Golden Dolphin gathering was nice I really enjoyed hearing Vladimir translation of the Golden Dolphins and his sharing/leading us with the higher opening. (That is what I heard as well) Rang truthful. It was fun with the sharing that was taking place.

Brilliant. Indeed cosmically brilliant. [About Vladimir]

Thank you Nina! It was amazingly or strangely short!It was an amazing energy, when we came!
So happy that the Golden Dolphins were playing and filled with fun. I was singing with a group and sending out waves to the Universe!

Thank you so very much for everything that you bring into LIFE! I so enjoyed the event, yesterday. I have been graced and blessed in so many ways, because of the LOVE that was evident, yesterday. You looked radiant! And happy! Blessings abound to all!

Today, I was given Samba and Amba, as two of my Dolphin Guides. I am grounded, grateful and safe. Safety is an attribute that I have not felt for some time, until last night. My sleep was amazing… Thank you all for sharing your treasured water from Roslyn Chapel and Glastonbury, with us. You are amazingly generous Beings! Thank you from my Heart!

Absolutely fantastic! Thank you for sharing this beautiful communication… it has penetrated very deeply.