November Pod Comments

Hi Nina, I just wanted you to know how very blessed and humbled I feel to have met you at the Earth-keepers conference. What an inspiration to us all you are, with your strength and courage and sense of fun, to be who you truly are! I am so enjoying reading your book, and learning so much from you. I listened to your dvd, and it blew me away! One day I will understand the different languages. Thank you for the messages on Facebook’s: Earthkeeper Group, I look forward to them.

As soon a I read your Message from the 17th of Nov – about Generators Transmitters and Receivers I knew all that I have been writing these past 6 years finally has a receipt point that I can see and feel clearly.

When I awoke in the recovery room on Thursday 11/10/11, you were present with the Golden Dolphins and I knew that your Divine Love had cradled me during surgery and that all was well.

Wow Nina, you have really been called to swim hard. I was a drop in the ocean, you were ready to blast off even without my nudge.This work is very important and very timely. We are all living in amazing times and now is the time.I can’t wait to order my pendant. They are beautiful and I know carry The Light. Happy Thanksgiving, we have so much to be Grateful for…very exciting. Congrats on your leadership, your Dolphin Friend

Just wanted to share [this] youtube: Dolphins 528Hz

When I was in Australia this summer, my friend and I became close with three men who played the didgeridoo for us to open up her workshops in Perth. After one of the workshops, I spoke with the owner of the studio,and he shared with me a very powerful experience that he had while swimming with the dolphins in Western Australia. He went out on the boat and played the didgee (which apparently the dolphins love), and when they appeared, he got into the water with them. He said that two of them sandwiched him on either side, and took him around in a large spiral, with each rotation getting smaller and smaller, then they turned and took him the opposite way. He said that while he was having this experience, he was taken through what looked like a tunnel into a world where there were beings that were half dolphin, half human. He felt like a visitor to this world, but he believed that this was not imagination, but the place where the dolphins come from (Sirius B). They noticed him, but they did not speak to him or acknowledge him directly. I was so fascinated by his experience, because I knew immediately that this was a real place, perhaps in a different or parallel reality. Ever since, I have been very interested in these dolphin beings!

Re: discussion of word play:
I sometimes feel we equate our ‘work’ with ‘suffering’. And ‘play’ with joy. When we see our work as play, our work becomes peaceful, playful joy. Then there is no ‘work’. Isn’t that peaceful mindfulness? Isn’t that our joy? Our work is our joy, our peace.

Hello Pal,
I am so proud of you – proud is not the right word – there is no word that fits – appreciation , honor, respect, love, and joy for your following your guidance throughout the years I have known you – I love being a witness to your unfolding and expanding awareness of who you are. Lots of love and joy.