Notes from the Egypt Journey

Nina shared:

When we went to the museum in Cairo, I stood before King Tut and he shared with me that the gods and goddesses, pharaohs and nobles of Egypt thank us for our homage and respect. They said that we were being gifted all of their love, support, power and gold to be picked up and moved into their future, our now, to be used by us to continue the work that we did during the Golden Age of Egypt. Their golden age did not succeed but ours will.

Nina also shared a video message from Egypt about the codes received on their trip. Watch the video here: Wisdom Gate Codes

Audio and transcription is available for the Golden Dolphin message from the Gathering of Golden Dolphins that was held on February 12, 2012. Read or listen to the message here: Message from the Giza, Egypt Gathering of Golden Dolphins

Here are some pictures of Nina in Egypt, taken by Austin pod lead, Robert Hintzke. In the first picture, Nina is sitting on the floor of the Dendara temple writing:


The second picture shows Nina at the Luxor temple:


The following picture shows Nina on the boat heading to the Temple of Philae:


Group photo courtesy of James Tyberonn and the Earth-Keeper Family:


Earth-Keeper Mark Symons also shared a vision he had:

I had a vision on the 10th night that I was to sit in the Subterranean Chamber (The Well) in the Pyramid when we entered the second time. So, it just so happens that after we all entered the Pyramid I was granted access to the Subterranean Chamber (The Well), and proceeded to do some work just as the Vision. So, simultaneously, You were in the Queens Chamber with one group, James Tyberonn was in the Kings Chamber with the other group, and I was in the Subterranean Chamber…

I spent almost 30 mins there. Very Fascinating – I thought I would share this illustration with you:


Orbs in the Kings Chamber, photos taken by Mark Symons:

Pod Comments

Nina, my experience in the Queen’s Chamber was life changing for me. I was finally able to own my divinity. It came when you, Anaya Ra, were opening the Wisdom Gates. All my life I’ve been told of who I’ve been, who I am, what I am supposed to be doing, etc. But, while all of that was interesting, it did not change how I live my life. In the Pyramid, I realized through symbols and feelings the truth of who I am. It all happened in my Sacred Heart, and my brain was not involved at all. I understand, now, why you bring in many of your messages in the Cosmic languages. This allows the Truth to enter our hearts without the distortion of our duality world. Thank you for your part in this, because I went into the Pyramid in the space of S.T.A.R. I had absolutely no expectations, although I was so happy as soon as I entered the Pyramid, that I am sure I had a huge grin on my face.

During the ceremony in the Queen’s Chamber, the very minute Nina unlocked the Wisdom Codes and downloaded them to us, I started speaking other languages (for about 10 minutes). We were all in a quiet meditation and my lips just started moving and could not stop (I did not audibly verbalize anything). I was rather amazed and surprised! It was like was an understanding of some sorts…a repeating of necessary information…Like a short handbook of what was downloaded. How cool!!! I will get to share all of this on Sunday with my Golden Dolphin Group Gathering here in Tampa!

I want to share that I appreciate you speaking to me on the boat about completion. It has assisted in my keeping my eye on the horizon of this life, rather than doubting. Thanks for your positive comments in between in Egypt also.

How wonderful a time I have had this afternoon, enjoying the interview by Healing Conversations with Lauren…It was such a wonderful field I was in, supporting my remembering and my awareness of who I am….and I am sure, you will recognize me too….Much Love, Light and Wisdom.