Note from the Pasadena Pod

Although I began my group in January, today was the first official day of our declaration that we are a pod. While there were just 4 of us in attendance, the group was very powerful. Many, many from the non-physical were present too. It felt like the room was packed!! I wanted to share that during my channeling of sound (which I am pretty sure is the infancy stage of an ancient cosmic language), 2 of the group members saw a vortex of golden light pouring in through their crown chakras. One member heard a brief and very fast chattering of a language which we both just knew was the dolphin language you channeled last month at the teleconference with Matthew. Wow! Can’t wait until the next gathering.

~ Pasadena, CA Pod lead, Dena

Gathering in safety to express our human divinity is so powerful. Let’s keep doing it!
~ Nina