Norma Tarango

NormaTarango-2Navigator Poet, Visionary, Teacher, Entrepreneur

Norma is an international teacher, lecturer, entrepreneur and cosmic pilgrim of the heart. For over two decades, she has brought the unfolding story of the galaxy into people’s lives in preparation for our current time shifts. She also consults on projects dedicated to the sustainable connection between health, wealth and what is of true value on all levels. Of special interest to her are the vital roles of water, fragrance, and sound in our lives.

Norma’s participation in many ceremonies with land-based cultures in the Northern Hemisphere prepared her for a major shift in her personal and professional growth. A life-long exploration of world myths, songs, poetry, art and language led Norma to Kauai, Hawaii, in 1992. Mentored in the astronomy of the oral literature of Hawaii, the fluid world of sea voyaging societies initiated her into its aloha. She co-founded Women on the Waves in 1996 for the purpose of exploring, living and sharing the planetary wisdom and hidden spiritual knowledge of the Sacred Feminine in a dynamic tropic world.

The beauty and grace of the people of Hawaii in rhythm with the mystery between the sea, the sky and their bodies deepened her into place. Norma composed “The Rounds of Venus: Building a Platform for Erotic Spirituality” as a love offering to the oral traditions so wondrously lived there. The Rounds served as a living model for women wishing to navigate their reality with greater fluidity amidst rapid planetary change. Her signature programs were original, deeply nurturing works of art. The women who voyaged with Norma over the years walked, paddled and swam through ancient, multi-dimensional doorways encoded in the islands as the body of the Goddess.

“Wayfinding” is her personal, one-on-one work with people that is inspired by traditional navigation methods used by the cultures of indigenous oceania. It represents a return to the sustainability of Presence in the moment as it unfolds. These individual sessions are galactic story maps that encourage deep listening while learning to observe and recognize patterns of wholeness. Norma intuitively draws from her extensive background in galactic astrology, cultural astronomy and global wisdom traditions to reflect our true heritage of light. Her work focuses on steering true as we move with the Earth into our galactic humanity and gain ascendance past false fields that have long held the planet and people in their sway.

After 12 years of initiation into the ways of Feminine Time and navigation in Hawaii, Norma returned to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her latest quests into the sacred heart of the galaxy led to the co-facilitation of “The Venus Dialogues: Becoming a Force of Nature” there. Continuing to adapt the living metaphor of Venus as a galactic way shower in this crucial time of transition, she speaks to the manifestation of the temple of Self that is possible when weaving the visionary geography of the land and stars as part of our body’s intelligence.

Her on-going pilgrimage work in Northern New Mexico is based on the sacred geometry of the Tree of Life as a grid laid over the North American continent mapped by noted English scholar and geomancer Peter Dawkins. The map revealed the Valles Caldera Zodiac which represents the landscape temple of the Divine Feminine in this country. For three years now, a dedicated group has been on pilgrimage around this sacred hoop to embrace, embody and navigate the pathways of love as part of being at home in the galaxy. Her most recent project is the introduction of this concept to other communities located on certain geomantic points of reference revealed on this Tree.

Norma is affiliated with the Indigenous Education Institute and a member of Sisters of Honua. She continues as acting president of Women on the Waves. While the myths and planetary sciences of the tropic world remain her main inspiration, her passionate commitment to global wisdom traditions, indigenous philosophical principles, quantum healing and self accountability acts as her “pole star”. She is a mother of two grown sons and a grandmother to their three beautiful children.

To schedule your Wayfinding session, find out about her ongoing programs and events, and/or support the Tree of Life project, please email Norma.

Norma is offering her Wayfinding sessions at a discounted rate through 12/21/12. For more info on the special visit: Wayfinding Special.

Norma, in the Media

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