Move into Your Sovereignty with Ease and Grace – 9/29/12 (full moon)

Ambassadors of the golden dolphin energies on planet earth, there is a shift that is to be made today in the integration of new codes. There will be those who read this and choose to postpone the gift, but the rest will accept. We honor all who are reading this message and ask you to feel how much we surround you with love and respect for your mission on earth.

The invitation is to be our voice, for it is your voice. We are an aspect of you that is the highest vibration of your higher self, and we ask that you now speak. We have shared with you over the last several months that it is safe to gather in pods to declare your human divinity, self-love and play. Now we ask that you give voice to that knowing. We ask that you let the golden dolphin aspect of you have a voice.

You have turned to this messenger for our wisdom, but now as sovereign beings, we ask that you turn within, to the innate wisdom that is throughout your multi-dimensional DNA field. The words are there. They can come out on paper with intent, in conversation with intent, in the flow of your knowing. You can do this in private or in public. You can write books or articles and know that when you turn within in the no time, no space dimensions, in which we dwell, that in alignment with the grace of the divine Creator, you will be a pure channel of divine wisdom.

The time is now, in the now, for you to step forth in the full knowing of your wholeness and speak and act from that inner truth. You are that powerful. You are that sovereign. The only thing that holds you back is a pattern of old, telling you that you are not. We are here to tell you that you, as an individual aspect of All That Is, are indeed that brilliant. As the year, 2012 comes to the last quarter of its expression, the time is now for you to step into the physical temple of your divine presence on planet earth. The world and the cosmos need you in your full glory expanded and fully expressed, so that you, planetary golden dolphins, together as beings of radiant light, can usher in the new earth that has been long awaited.

The moment is soon at hand when this messenger will hand over the baton to you, each one of you, to be the ambassadors of the golden dolphin energy. The transfer began on June 6, 2012, and has been growing. By year’s end, we will be complete, and you will stand tall in the full mantle of your individual golden dolphin aspect, fully integrated, fully capable of speaking for us and with us and fully capable of living a life in alignment with the will and love of the divine Creator.

We have given you many multi-dimensional tools to assist you. We repeat: crystals, sacred spaces, beings of expanded awareness, essential oils in their purest form, fully vibrating particles of creation in the breath that you breath and our most recent, the Golden Dolphin S.T.A.R. clinic. Choose what serves you, but know that none of these tools are essential, for you are fully empowered by means of the frequency that you carry within your sacred heart – the harmonics of the divine Creator. Simply call on that perfected sound and intend that it radiate throughout your field, and you will move into your sovereignty with ease and grace to do the work that you came to the planet to achieve – the creation, anchoring and nurturing of the Golden Age of Divine Love.

We bow to you, ambassadors.
The Golden Dolphin Avatars of Sirius B