Message from the Golden Dolphins for Israel and the people of Israel – 2/14/12

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Message from the Golden Dolphins
February 14, 2012 through Nina Brown


Dear Ones, we come to you now in this sacred space, in the moment of now, in the eternal moment of now, bringing in the frequency, the energy of all of the cosmos, of all of the galactic beings, of all of the galactic love, of all of the inner earth beings, of all of the inner earth love. We bring this to you now at a moment and a place unique on the planet. You have chosen to come together – this incredible, beautiful gathering of golden dolphin incarnate beings in a space that is revered by all of humanity. You have come in reverence in a sacred time, in a sacred way, in a sacred manner. We honor you for this and we wish to share this message of galactic importance.

We speak not only of Israel, not only of Egypt, of South Africa, of Peru, of all the places from which you come. We speak on a galactic level where there are many beings of different origins in their own way learning how to interact, how to be together and yet be individuals. This is an ongoing process. This has been a process and will continue to be so. But you are the front, the pioneers, the vanguards of bringing unity, calm, peace – not only on the planet within disparate groups of people, but this is emanating and being expressed beyond your planet. So the work that you are doing today, now, in Jerusalem, in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, in the space of sacred energy, is being felt in dimensions, in galaxies far beyond what you have perceived to this space. You are being observed by beings far from your knowing, physically and in time and space, as well. They are observing it all on this special day of love, having heard you tone the tones of love, having heard the bells ringing loud and clearly, carrying the tones that you have expressed throughout the dimensions – again, not only for your planet but intergalactically and interdimensionally.

We the golden dolphin avatars of Sirius B join you now, frolicking, playing above you, around you, and within you, sharing our admiration, our respect, our devotion and inspiring you so that the work you have come onto the planet to execute will be of more ease and grace, and you will glide joyfully, playfully throughout the days to follow, carrying our love. Again, our respect, our appreciation, and we speak on behalf of the beings we have mentioned. We are the messengers to you, from them, of enormous appreciation.

Your journey is not complete. You have much to do to accomplish your mission – a mission that over the eons was not accomplished, for which you have had anxiety and sadness. But know that once again you have returned and this is the moment of the new golden age and you absolutely will achieve. The sound around you will not distract our speaking to you and sharing. Once again, our love. We are inside of each one of you and we will be there for the rest of your days on planet earth. Turn to us whenever you are seeking, inquiring for strength. Come together. Do it in Israel. Do it in Peru. Do it in India. Do it in Canada. Do it all over the planet. For we need each other. You need each other. We swim in pods and you are to do the same in human form. And together this will be a mechanism by which the new earth is being expressed. We love you. We appreciate you. And we say that we are with you for eternity.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphin Avatars from Sirius B