Message from the Giza, Egypt Gathering of Golden Dolphins – 2/12/12

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Message from the Golden Dolphins
February 12, 2012 through Nina Brown
Giza, Egypt


Dear ones, we gather in this community of beloved souls. We wish to share with you the Golden Dolphin avatars of Sirius B, our love, our profound appreciation, and we do this as we frolic in this quantum field about which you referenced. We are, indeed, an aspect of you. We are the highest vibration of your higher self and we are present. Each one of you is in the presence of the Golden Dolphin aspect that is you. As we speak, we ask that you, too, frolic in this field – this field of unity and oneness – with us as we learn to be together, to trust each other and for you to know that we are here to serve you.

Our energy is returning to the planet. It has not been present for eons, as you know, or was during the times of enlightenment, the Golden Ages of Atlantis, of Egypt. But we are here again now to share with you that another Golden Age has commenced. It began on Winter Solstice of 2011. At eleven minutes past eleven, the declaration was raised as a clarion call throughout the cosmos, the stars, the planet. The frequency of Divine Creator began to pulsate in the sacred heart of all on the planet – consciously or unconsciously. This is why we return now and our full energetic structure will be on the planet completely on June the 6th, 2012.

You are making this possible, dear ones. And we love you, honor you, and show our appreciation to you for the work which you have returned to the planet to complete. The message that has come throughout the sojourn, the pilgrimage throughout Egypt has been consistent. This messenger has heard it from all of the Gods, the Goddesses, the Pharaohs, all the Ancient Ones of Ancient Egypt. This has communicated to you on several occasions but we will repeat it again for this is to be integrated into your soul, into your sacred heart and we share it will you with profound love and profound joy.

You have come to give reverence, respect and honor to Ancient Egypt and to the Egypt of the present day. And we say to you that all of Ancient Egypt, the Golden Era, is bowing – is on their knees to honor you. What is being told by all of those entities of Ancient Egypt to you: take our support, take our strength, take our wisdom, take our gold frequency, take all that we have. Make it part of you. We gift this to you now. We ask that you lift it up from the era of Ancient Egypt, which in the timeless now is of no time at all. Lift it up. Make it part of your frequency – all of it. It is all gifted to you – each one of you and those who are not present. Lift it up and create our future, they say. For our past – the Ancient Golden Age of Egypt – was not complete. We did not anchor the frequency of the Divine Creator. This did not happen in Atlantis. But it will happen now because of you.

You came back. You said, “We’ll do it this time. We’ll try one more time.” But we’re not trying. And so we say to you: Take all of this that is being gifted to you into your present and create the Golden Age that was not anchored. Do this for the ancient beings of Egypt, do this for the ancient beings of Atlantis, do this for all the golden ages that have been on the planet that did not succeed. You are the vanguard. You are the ones.

You now have frequencies within you that were not present before you came to Egypt. They are enormous. They will be integrated over time and they will be tools, quantum tools in this quantum field of the Golden Dolphins, to assist you in the mission you are here to execute, which is the completion, the anchoring, of the Golden Age of Divine Love, which we say was anchored on Winter Solstice 2011. And we say to you that it cannot be accomplished within the collective consciousness, this will not happen. You must remove your intention, your awareness. Do it a little bit. Then do it more. Enter this field that you are now present within. Find in community. We ask that you create pods. It only takes one other person, a safe space, a declaration of human divinity, of self love, and play – the most esoteric word of all esoteric words. Play. This has been missing. The planet has suppressed play, laughter, fun. No more.

Use our life – the vision of who we are, how we work in community – use this as an example for you. Ride the waves of chaos. Do it together. Create a current. Go into the wormhole and out of the wormhole into more play. This is how the New Earth will be created outside of the collective consciousness.

And we share one more piece of information with you, dear ones, that is perhaps new to you. And that is that within your sacred heart you carry a harmonic. That harmonic is that of the Divine Creator. It has always been present – it is present in all of humanity, has been in the Golden Ages. What is missing is the awareness of your human divinity and that you are worthy to vibrate at that frequency.

You cannot see the new Earth in creation without the full awareness and vibration of who you truly are: human divinity. Humanity on the planet but divinity emanating, outside of creation. We’re going to say that again, dear ones: outside of creation- pre-particle love, the void, the nothing, bliss consciousness. This who you truly are. The Divine Creator. This resides, this harmonic resides within your sacred heart but the collective consciousness has said oh no, you can’t be that divine. And we say move into this field that you are presently within. Find the comfort of others. Do it together. Strengthen the muscle together: the human divinity muscle. Do it all over the planet. Do it in twos, in threes, in fives, in tens, in twenties, in sixties, or virtually – whatever it takes. Come together and share your human divinity.

Embrace your human divinity. Let the world know so that others can do likewise. You are the models. You are the way-showers. You now have these codes and a vibration that is expansive. You radiate and when you walk on the land of Egypt – when you walk on the land of your home, the Earth – Gaia – will know of your majesty. You are walking masters, dear ones.

So in closing, we say: frolic. Allow the chaos of change to be observed by you, the Creator – the Divine Creator. And rejoice in the beauty of what you are creating because you are transforming the planet and the dimensions in which this exists. Frolic. Enjoy. Again, play – the most esoteric of all esoteric terms. Embrace it. Come to understand what it means. And know that it truly is bliss consciousness. The highest awareness and consciousness from Divine Creator.

We love you dearly. We will be with you as you travel home. But first, we ask you all to embrace, to merge with the Golden Dolphin energy that is you. And together, the two parts in the trinity become greater in the third than they were as the two parts standing alone. So do this with intention. That’s all it takes. The Golden Dolphin aspect of you is present – fully present. Frolicking with you in this quantum field, and is asking and inviting you to merge. Become one and walk out of this room, standing tall and straight with the codes and the energy and the frequency and the knowing of your human divinity. And we, the Golden Dolphin aspect of you will assist you, as we have already – into, but now through, and beyond 2012.

We love you dearly. We are the Golden Dolphin Avatars of Sirius B and we wish you safe travel home.