May Pod Comments

Just finished a beautiful sculpture of 2 dancing Golden Dolphins and I felt like checking on the e-mail and read your last message. How amazing, it is what I felt while working on this piece, that I was embodying the Dolphin in me. Thank you Nina, love you SO MUCH!!!

I am grateful dear Nina, so grateful. You have orchestrated the planting of seeds that are blooming in my spirit this spring of springs.

Thank you, Nina, for all your insight and all your radiance!

Beautiful channel Nina

It was delightful to meet you in person yesterday (at the Santa Fe Gathering of Golden Dolphins) and have playful fun with the Golden Dolphins! I am learning so much from that group and just want to absorb all their consciousness. Together, we can create anything.

I am thrilled by something that (Nina Brown) said on the webpage recording for this event. I speak what I call the Language of Light and use it in all of my own Divine work with The Way of the Rainbow and my clients. Nina said that she speaks in tongues 13 different languages…and that this language bypasses the brain and goes right to the heart. THIS IS WHAT I KNOW OF MY LANGUAGE OF LIGHT. IT BY PASSES THE BRAIN AND GOES RIGHT TO THE HEART. I am thrilled because I have never heard anyone else describe it the way I do. I am so excited to learn more about what Nina does and the languages that she uses. Yahoo! Maybe I have found MY GROUP! Thanks for sharing in my JOY!

And thank you for your reminder about laughter. It is definitely something that comes through as I connect to the Golden Dolphin energy.

I LOVE YOUR ANNOUNCEMENT! I am going to go in a practice with Spreaker so I am not caught short on the 6th. This is so beautiful how you have set the broadcast up! So many are excited.

Just a quick note to thank you and your team for putting our event up so quickly! It was a pleasure to chat with you on Monday. May you all enjoy a terrific day!
-France Heady, Wilbraham, MA Pod