Matthew Reifslager

Web-Matthew-Headshot-1S.T.A.R. Clinic recommended healer

For many years now Matthew has been sharing very profound healing frequencies of awakening—as well as inspirational and deeply relevant points of knowledge for today — to thousands of people around the world. This energetic healing — this gift of awakening that Matthew shares — comes from a self-referral connection he has with Divine Mother, which for him is an intensely blissful experience of divine communion.

This deep connection began some years ago as an awareness of and a resonance with a part of himself that was, as he explains, of a “higher order of loving wisdom and transformational power than the individual identity I had known in this life.”

Matthew finds this divine and universal value of the Self simply to be ‘God,’ anchored within his heart while also in the most expanded reaches of his awareness. He knows this supreme divinity as the wholly nurturing and loving Divine Mother. The Wholeness — and all of its programs — is just the wisdom of Divine Mother, as shared with Matthew.

As his reputation for remarkable, often miraculous healing outcomes began to spread in various communities across the world, Matthew has devoted his life to providing the experience of God in the Heart to those who, in their own awareness, are looking for divine grace, greater peace, ideal health, and a life lived in enlightenment and dharma.

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