March Pod Comments

Last night, the night from 6th till 7th February, I got a dream or vision of the dolphins. Now just before the start of my full moon meditation, I reconnect with the dream and I think about you and Egypt. So something in myself felt I wanted to share this experience with you.

In my dream, many things happened but at a certain moment I was guided by a precious lightbeing through many white corridors until we arrived on a very special place under the ground. I was led towards a huge cave and there was water streaming very deep inside this cave, it was a kind of lake or huge river with several people. We were standing on a high rock rock which was part of this cave but just high up the water level of this cave and I saw the dolphin mother arriving. Behind her there was a huge row of little dolphins, all connecting their mouth on the tail of the previous dolphin. It was a magnificent sight – a long, magnificent row of dolphins all in perfect harmony with each other. And then I saw more and more dolphins – thousands they were. And all were swimming and joyful. Most were silver colour.

Beautiful and amazing things happened. The Hour of the Child of the Sea was a book I got connected with. The mother dolphin climbed from out of the water all up on the rock and touched my left foot and put special symbols in it and then she went down again and after her, a little dolphin jumped out of the water and also it climbed up up the huge rock and touched my right foot and put symbols into my right foot. They told me I carry their codes and their heartbeat here on earth and some beautiful lightbeings were with us and some more people were standing in a row next to me. We were asked to send out light towards the dolphins and so we did, all of us together. We were a group of about 22 people, I guess. And I was so happy to see and feel the dolphins but when I left and it was time to say goodbye to them, I had some tears in my eyes.

I just wanted to share my nightly experience with you as I know that now you are in Egypt and connecting and cooperating with these magnificent beings of love and joy. With joy in my heart, I welcome the new energies on earth. I salute you dear Nina, with joy and love, eternal love.

We were in Jerusalem with a group of lightworkers recently and we connected with your precious work. Truly, I adore the golden dolphins and connect with them through meditation, work for the sources and the water of mother earth and sometimes, I meet them in very special dreams that are like visions. I am always moved by their love vibration that opens my heart towards Father Mother God.

Hi there precious Nina, just loved reading and listening to all that took place in your latest newsletter, it was such a beautiful experience, loved listening again to what Ofra shared (in Israel).

What glorious energy! Thank you from my heart to yours – you have helped me greatly. I look forward to sharing with you again when I am called. Your work is amazing! With my love and gratitude.

I simply want to tell you how wonderful it was to see the images of your trip to Egypt in the last newsletter. And the timing of your group’s planetary healing sessions coincided with, initiate beautiful shifts back here at home. Several of my clients mentioned that they simply felt happier, more at ease and centered then they had in a long time. I felt the shifts also and recorded the dates. Then I got your newsletter and felt that there was a link between the activities in Egypt and our feelings here at home. Wonderful!!! Many blessings – many thanks!

Thank you for the message Nina. The energy of your message emanated within me. During those wonderful moments when I have been able to pull myself from the duality of things the truth reigns over me and the frequencies seem to only intensify. I am in bliss for what I know to be true within me and seemingly all around me.

OMGoodness! I am so excited to be on the very edge of “getting it” at the level of awareness that really counts to be responsible and lovingly co-create with my divine self. I can hardly wait for the Santa Fe weekend. Thank you for adding me into Your manifesting awareness. Totally wonderful! With much love and gratitude.

Blessings on this equinox and thank you for your powerful meditation for the integration of the cosmic self. Much love as always on this wondrous Spring day!!!

Get ready, this S.T.A.R. Clinic is going to be fabulous!!! The multitudes of Divine energies are in co-creation with us, and this is truly wondrous. Gratitude for all your hard work.

This is really exciting. Now I realize that that waves of Golden Energy I experienced the day after we met in Jerusalem, were connected to the Golden Dolphins. In all my work now dolphins come through. They just pop out with the angel forms. Nice.