London Gathering of Golden Dolphins – August 26, 2011

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[Laughter] I love that! It is a perfect way to begin, in laughter, because the Golden Dolphins say we take ourselves too seriously, so we’re supposed to play. And every one is talking about – not everyone, because I don’t – chaos and what’s going to happen and we’re going to have hurricanes here, we’re going to have “mm-hmm” there. It doesn’t have to be that way. That’s not my life. That’s not my life. Who are you? I’m going to ask that question over and over tonight because if we don’t know, in the core of who we are, who we are, then it is going to be difficult. You bet, it’s going to be difficult. And you are going to be, perhaps, using the old paradigm, which is this [claps hand against fist to express force] to get through life. And I don’t do that. I never, never, never anymore live my life like that. Because I’ve integrated with the aspect of being which is the golden dolphin frequency, the highest vibration of my higher self and I have got this beautiful – at least, I think it’s beautiful – golden spine that keeps me upright and allows me to play. I’m going to be just like the dolphins and I’m going to swim through the waves, the calm ones and the chaotic ones. And I’m going to be this delighted observer. What is it that we created? It’s just fun.

sacredheartLet’s start from the beginning. You have the agenda so you have a sense for what my goal is. But just a little history – I am a receiver and a transmitter and I also am in a dimensional frequency, as many of you are in this room, where I am able to be clairaudient. And there are Avatars on Sirius B. A fellow, some of you don’t know, by the name of James Tyberonn, did a channel from Metatron talking about the Golden Dolphins (that’s available on the internet) and I am their ambassador, basically, and carry a message. The message is very simple, it’s very simple: It is the new age of the golden dolphins. It is time to embrace your wholeness and declare your divinity because it is now safe to do so. And in so doing, others will do likewise. And play.

It’s so simple. That’s all there is. Who are you? Do you love yourself? Go have fun. And that’s how to live life. And that’s how I do it…that’s how I do it.

I have an image which is an hour glass. The hour glass, for me, is just a metaphor for my divinity. So it’s a descending white dove and my humanity, which is earth, air, fire, and water and they have a junction point. That junction point is where my divinity and my humanity come together. All of it’s me. All of it’s divine. But that junction point is really powerful [Nina points to her heart]. You know pyramids, they get stronger at the top because the energy goes up. So that junction point [the heart] is from where I live my life. And that’s what the golden dolphins are asking. Embrace us, embody us [we are] the highest vibration of your higher self. And live 24-7 from that junction point because it’s safe.

And what do I mean by that? I mean all your listening, all your talking, all your Thanksgiving dinners (and if you don’t have Thanksgiving dinner, then your holidays) your decisions to get a new job, your decisions to sell a house, your decisions for what to do when your mortgage is defaulting – right here [Nina pats her heart]. And life will be easy. It has to be easy. Because my divinity is a master of the laws of attraction. That’s the key. That’s the key. And my humanity knows how to pick up the phone and sit in a chair. I’m really good at that. And I can write a book and I can do all those things but not without my divinity. Because if Nina is in charge – and by the way if you think Nina is sitting in the chair right now, leave. I mean it. When I do sessions and my work is upshifting human DNA – if anybody calls me from India and they expect that work and they think that it’s Nina, money back. Because it is my divinity and my humanity together that allows me to do anything. What can’t I do, really? I can’t do it if it is my humanity forcing the event. That’s the way it’s been forever. But it is different now because we know who we are. We know we’re divine. So call in the golden dolphin aspect within you in every decision, 24/7, the junction point of your divinity and your humanity and I promise you (what a big promise) that you will glide into, through and beyond 2012. They are here and they are saying it is critical. It is critical! The reason for that – raise your hand if I say something that is not part of your vernacular and I’ll back up and try to explain it – we have been in a polarized duality environment, attached to the magnetic grid. Now we are moving over 2012 to the crystalline grid of unity, what we are doing right now. If we stay attached to the magnetic grid, it’s going to be tough. It’s going to be tough. But if we come over and make the transition to the crystalline grid, and we know who we are, and we are living 24-7 from that junction point and we’re playing in the waves of chaos, and we’re creating our own reality…we’re creator beings. But we aren’t creating our reality from our humanity. It’s not Nina whose saying “Now what do I want tomorrow? Let me think…” It’s what do we want tomorrow? You’re the master of attraction.

I’m going to tell you something. I just sealed a multi-million dollar deal the other day. And I sat in my red leather chair – some of you have read my book and you know that’s my metaphor – didn’t ask anybody for anything. It took me three years. But I did it and it’s going to be one of the most amazing sacred sites on the planet. So if I can do that, so too can you. And that’s the whole point.

Set the model for others that you can write a book with your higher self. I’m going to give a lecture someday on how to co-author with your higher self. I tried and they said no. [Laughter] So, we’ll just give them another year and I’ll ask again.

So, that’s good for foundational work. The golden dolphins, what they say is “come together” – like we’re doing now – and support one another. Don’t just do it by yourself. When I was by myself and I didn’t know who to talk to, I was lonely and I couldn’t expand and I couldn’t flourish and grow and become a stronger “divinity muscle.” But together we can do this. And guess what happens? When you have a pod here and a pod in Austin, and a pod in Taos and a pod in the Netherlands, then something is happening. I’ve been getting some pretty exciting information. Last night, with jet lag and all the other things that were going on, I had one of those “a-ha’s” at 2:00am, you know. So I got up and I started writing because I had this incredible breakthrough about what we’re doing right this minute. Gosh, this really brings an emotion to me. We are moving out of a collective consciousness tonight. We are moving out of a collective consciousness TONIGHT, and we are creating a new consciousness. The Golden Dolphin quantum field – which I’ll explain in a few minutes – has been born in June. It is a frequency, an energy, you can call it unity consciousness, you can call it the new Earth, you can call it any of the names other people use. But we can’t move into the dimensional shift, holding on to the collective consciousness and the magnetic grid. It will not happen. Because the collective consciousness is saying “You’re not divine. You can’t do that. You need me. I’m going to help you get where we’re going.” But you know that’s not true. You don’t need me. You don’t need anybody in this room. You want people in this room to be part of your energy. But you don’t need them for healing. You don’t need them for direction. You don’t need them for… [anything]. (My truth. Everything I say tonight is my truth.)

So what does it mean that I just said we are creating a new consciousness right here, right now. It means it’s happening in Austin, it’s happening in Santa Fe, it’s happening in Jamaica, it’s happening in Tampa. And you can think of it as a ball, a sphere. One of the attendees at the second Gathering of Golden Dolphins, had a platinum dolphin on her chest who was telepathizing with her, who said (and this is on the website) the pods already exist. Those who are the anchors for the pods will soon discover that that is who they are and that is their mission and that these pods are circling the planet and they are holding the fifth dimension and also touching the third dimension but they have a magnetic frequency that is bringing the third dimension up. So we have a pod here and we’re doing that. And this is going to increase and increase and increase and we’re going to be able to connect to this field anytime we want.

So, we’re beginning to detach – with your intention and your will (and you don’t have to) – detach from the collective consciousness, who tells you that you can’t, you won’t, you shouldn’t…And so this evening, my request is that with intention we connect to that field, which is also connected around the planet to other beings who know their divinity.