Legend of the Golden Dolphin

Legendarian Scott Taylor has generously shared with us both this Legend of the Golden Dolphin and his feedback about our work.

Legend of the Golden Dolphin – Peter Shenstone

The origin story of the Legend has been described by Scott Taylor and can be seen at dolphintale.com/Legendbackground.html (From the article “Our Father…who art in water?”, Simply Living magazine, issue number 12, 1980, Avalon NSW, Australia)

“Peter wrote, in 1976 while living in Sydney Australia, “I watched half in awe, half in horror as my hand picked up a pencil lying nearby and began to write at a furious pace. The writing kept going until dawn, and continued every night for almost two weeks, pouring out an incredible fantasy/story about the impending tribulation and concurrent transformation of human consciousness, the role which the cetaceans will play in those events, and my specific job as their messenger. I was told this would form the seed of a new global tribe of dolphin dreamers, a tribal gathering that will transcend the old barriers of race, creed, colour, ego, fear and alienation to become the new leaderless aquarian network of free beings…

We have to begun (sic) to live a legend, the legend of the golden dolphin, which simply represents the spirit of freedom, our guide through the reefs of time. Every being who enters into the dolphin tribal adventure brings their own unique contribution, and thus the legend grows, and grows….and the dream of a perfect family, a perfect brother–and sisterhood, a perfect life in harmony with each other and the world, a perfect human-dolphin tribe draws near. Our only job on the planet now is to spread the word about dolphin dreaming and as that dream grips the human imagination, the world will turn.”

A few additional comments added by Scott Taylor:
“I have added the name Uluru to the above in recognition of the Aboriginal connection to this sacred site, a name not in common use in 1976.

I wish to briefly elaborate on the Nommo and Ogo. These terms can be confusing to anyone who has not heard some of the Legend directly, or read Scott Taylor’s book (or studied the Dogon materials!). The Nommo include both the Whales and the Dolphins, and Ogo is of two types: Ogo as typical human, still unbalanced, overtaken by the dark half of human nature, and Ogo reborn (“Ogo Titiyayne, the Rainbow People at the end of time”, p. 266) — the reincarnated souls of Nommo, sacrificed by humans over the centuries, who now embody the Delphic Wave, bringers of Peace and Freedom (the Ambassadors of the Cetacean Nation, your audience).

I would also recommend a brief introduction to the concept of the Image War and what an Image Warrior is (see pp. 252-253 for a description). In my book, this is not given a thorough discussion. Briefly, it means being the embodiment of the sustainable truths of human life, living out in daily life the ways in which humans can be truly part of the interdependent system of livingness. One becomes the living image. This carries as much, or more, weight in the eyes of ‘average humanity’ as a lesson than the messages encoded into arts, film, books, etc. It is an empathic vehicle, one that connects on all levels with other humans. On this basis, perhaps your listeners can better embrace the notion of the Image Warrior, so they do not feel they are being asked to become painters, filmmakers, or other forms of ‘image maker’. By living as an image of perfected human, one does service as important as anyone else’s.”

Here are brief selections from the Legend transcribed by Scott Taylor (Souls in the Sea: Dolphins, Whales, and Human Destiny. Frog, Ltd., Berkeley, CA, 2003, pp. 246 – 259.)

It is the Time of the End of the system of Things,
the Great Tribulation… the cusp of AQUARIUS!

The beautiful blue-water world of Oceania is
dominated by the two space races:
The NOMMO, “Master-of-the-Waters,”
And OGO-Man who subjugates the islands
which dot a quarter of the planet’s surface.

OGO has discovered the god-energy
of destruction… and seems intent
upon destroying the water-world
he arrogantly calls Earth!

The amphibious NOMMO came to
Oceania from the star system SIRIUS
many millions of years ago.

They then evolved fingers and feet into
flippers and flukes the better to appreciate
their new watery paradise…

OGO, arch-killer, has unleased a
merciless attack on the NOMMO,
driving them towards extinction!
Now they have only their minds and their music,
the power of their Dreaming, with which to combat
OGO’s terminal threat to the planet’s existence.

But their Dream-plan is daringly simple:
To reCreate Heaven on Earth
before OGO vaporizes Her!

And build a new New World
under the new Aquarian heaven.

Mankind is an unbalanced, spiritually
immature race dominated by its brute,
killer nature. The only way NOMMO
can save themselves and their beautiful
blue-water world (and indeed Mankind itself!)
is to tap Man’s loving feminine potential,
and liberate the human Spirit.

Time and time again for thousands of years, the NOMMO
connected with OGO planting the seed of civilization,
a process intended to “conquer the beast in OGO-Man.”
In India and Sumeria, the so-called Cradle of Civilization,
contact was made, and was repeated throughout the lands
bordering the Great Sea.
Each time the NOMMO simply offered themselves in loving
friendship, leaving behind nothing but an image of goodness in
the myths and legends of OGO-Man.
And the promise of things to come!

AND DECLARE IMAGE WAR ON OGO, Animal Man.” (pp. 255-257)

Scattered among the OGO’s
are the resurrected souls of
an invasion force of NOMMO
Image Warriors, sacrificed in the
holocaust OGO wrought upon
the planet in his quest for power
and possessions… reincarnated now
in OGO-form to infiltrate and
guide the barbarous OGO masses
into the Oceanic future… (p. 246)

The Time draws near for the
gathering of these Freedom-loving
NOMMO-souls…, in preparation
for the final battle of the Image War
between NOMMO’s Dream and OGO’s Nightmare.
Australia… Island of Dreamers and Dreams,
Green – and Gold jewel, never quite what it seems.
Set in the midst of an ocean of Space,
Aquarian Ark for the whole human race.
On the Boomerang tip ancient Mount Warning
Is first to reflect the light of the dawning
Outback in the Centre, Uluru, Ayer’s Rock of Ages,
The hub of the world is calling the sages.
Australia… an Isle where The Spirit can roam
Free as The Wind to the wild dolphins/ home
To the Monkey Mia at The End of the Earth,
Where the promised Family will find its rebirth.

Here in Australia at The Time of the End
Awaits welcome reunion with a long-lost friend.
For the Great ancient Whales are NOMMO of old,
and Freedom lies in a Dolphin of Gold. (pp. 258-259)

Scott Taylor, “The world of science and other areas where we find ‘non-New Age’ people is populated by many who are in alignment with all this. They do not share the language, lifestyles, or interest in the ‘spiritual’ viewpoints we are discussing, but they are quite aware of other paths into this work. Addressing them in language they can readily accept and be open to is important. In some ways we can say it is even more important than ‘preaching to the choir’. I am pointing to another, very large, arena for the work of the Legend.

It is with both Spirit and Science that the Legend has always worked. Combining and connecting them in ways that transcend the false division between them that most people regard as ‘natural’ is, in some ways, the actual work to be done. Reaching across the borders surrounding cultures is the work of Ambassadors. Negotiating ways of respectful acknowledgement of each culture’s ways is the art of diplomacy, and Ambassadors are diplomats if nothing else.

So, it behooves us to be open, accepting, gracious, and proactive in making meaningful contact with the world of science, economics, politics, academia, industry and all of those other discourses, as we carry forth the work of the Golden Dolphin. If you look at the work done by Peter Shenstone over the years, you will see a dedication to doing just this (www.planetark.com). Different from most environmental projects, Planet Ark is an advocacy group, working across borders to bring stakeholders together to work out solutions. It is not polarised, nor does it support any polarised positions. It is a truly diplomatic work that is done by Planet Ark. It embodies the core messages of the Legend and can be used as a pattern upon which to model other “legendary” projects.”

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