June Pod Comments

Regarding the COVR award Nina won recently for Return of Love to Planet Earth:

I am so happy for you and your continued success and recognition. It really is important that leadership in metaphysics be ‘grounded’ with capacity to function in both 3d and 12d, and you are a shining example. – James Tyberonn

Thank you for your wonderful and blessed service to the world. Eternal love and angel blessings.

Re 5/31/12 newsletter:

This message is just perfect. AND today, on MSN they released the news of an iceberg flipping over and suddenly I put 2 and 2 together and realized, when the icebergs flip, they are releasing the codes held for thousands of years!!! And not only that, the ice is blue. The “Lads” told me about the blue ice some years back now. The blue ice contains the higher vibrations and it is melting, right in front of a tourist boat. You can’t make this stuff up!

Re Proclamation:

Amen, Nina ! Most excellent! Blessings.

I’m looking forward to your golden dolphin gathering on the 6th of June. I’m participating in a water ritual (with the golden Dolphin energy) just before your gathering on the 6th. And on the 9th of June I organize my own golden dolphin gathering were I will pass de completion of the golden dolphin grid and the balance of the divine male and female energy. What a extraordinary time we are living in!

The last week I experienced a big purification of my body. A necessary step in this beautiful work. Thanks for your divine work.

In Holland there is just one Sea-world (not as big as in the USA), but there are a lot of dolphins and other cetaceeën. The fun and joy is… I am going there with 16 other people to be with the dolphins in the afternoon, the evening, during the night and the morning. Meditating, sleeping in there energy…looking at the playing and swimming dolphins and forming ONE BIG POD all together…so we can connect with you too.

I think you like this story…we will welcome the full return of the Golden Dolphin Energy, …that’s for sure.

Sometimes in meditation I simply focus on S.T.A.R. – and I did this also when my flight to Dallas-Boston from ABQ was cancelled at 5 am. I ended up on a great flight to Denver and was upgraded to first class from Denver to Boston on United, at no charge to me! I just Surrendered, Trusted, Allowed and Received – interesting how this works.

Love from Israel, the dolphins are dancing all over me.