July 3rd Message from the Golden Dolphins

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Dear ones, there are many here, many you know, many you have requested to be in your presence. The masters, the arch angels, the elohim, the Cosmic Counsel of Light, we are all here. We greet you, the golden dolphins of the universe. Greet you, as new emerging golden dolphin awareness on planet earth. It is long overdue.

You knew once in your infancy of human consciousness but you chose; you chose to cover up, to veil that awareness, but it is reemerging with the new frequencies that are coming to your planet. Coming into your beingness, impacting your DNA. What is most critical for you to know is that you are and have always been divinity, human divinity. It has always been here, what has been missing is your awareness. So what we come to you now to ask – with the strongest voice that we can present, surrounded by our love, appreciation and gratitude for your mission here on planet earth – is that your awareness shift. Not that your divinity becomes any more than it has always been. It is the awareness that we are asking to have shifted. Allow it in. Do not put up barriers, do not let humanity say to you you aren’t, you can’t, you shouldn’t. For you are an enormous vibration that has been waiting to be recognized and now is the moment, as the dimensional shift comes to planet earth.

We are here, that aspect of you, to assist you in this journey. It is not to be difficult though the path is unknown. It is to be with ease and grace, we tell you this often. Just as we play in the waves, the little ones and the big ones, we do it with joy, with humor, with companionship, in community. We ask you to consider the same, for your journey dear ones will be ever so much more fun, more joyous, when you remember and recognize who you are. We know, we have known for eons. We ever so gently tried to remind you, but now is the time, now is the time because it is safe. You feel that now, together, in this community. You can say anything to your neighbor in this room. There would be no judgement because how can you judge the divinity of your human companion? It is all perfect. Even what you think is not perfect is perfect.

So now, open, open to the frequencies that we have filled in this room. Pull them in. Take your arms and pull in the frequencies, the vibration, into your inner heart. It is you that you are inviting into your heart. It is the highest frequency of who you are, and with that frequency, how easy does life become? Nothing more than an experience, a delicious experience.

Know the wholeness of who you are. Know that we are here to assist you and as you gather together in community, strengthen that awareness and take it out into the deep waters of your experience on the planet and look at everything that occurs with the eyes of God, for that is who you are. Look through those eyes with radiance and be dazzled by all that you see and the emotions that you feel. Be dazzled, not afraid, not fearful. For who are you!? That is the underlying question always, always, who are you? If you say, “John” or “Jane” or “Sue” or “Sam,” – too small. You are grander, bigger, more enormous than that.

How can the events of life be anything but events of life? For you, this enormous vibration, this enormous frequency that comes from the great central sun, here to shine love on the planet earth. That is who you are, this is who we know you to be. But you’ve forgotten and that’s why we say come together, come together often, in Pods. Come together as an individual, you and your divinity, and radiate this love, for that is why you are on the planet. We know this and we ask you now, embrace it! And life becomes ease and grace, and you, like us, frolic in all of your experiences. A new way of looking at life is it not? Laughter! Joy! Play! This is what we are here to assist you with as we go into the dimensional change, the ascension. We are here standing by you, we want to be the skeleton for you, for it is you that is us.

So we say, we honor you for coming to this planet, for wishing to bring love to humanity, for that is your mission and how better to do that than to know the fullness of who you are. You have an enormous vibration, unveil, unveil it so that others can feel it and they too can vibrate as you do. So we thank you, we honor you and we love you. With our deep love and enormous gratitude and appreciation, we are the Golden Dolphins.