Initial Gathering of the Austin Pod, August 7th

AustinGGD080211The first Austin Gathering of Golden Dolphins was small and sweet, a perfect beginning.

We connected to the grid using the cards and Adrienne contributed her amazing blue skull. Zulma brought flowers and crystals for the altar and shared some delicious fruit. In addition to grounding and connecting to the grid, group sharing of intentions, some exploration of vision for our group, we listened in on the Santa Fe meeting and Message with Divine Mother, which was a treat.

Speaking for myself, it felt so nice to be in community with such awake and well intended people. I am grateful to Nina and the Golden Dolphins for connecting me to new (old soul) friends, for challenging us to actively practice heart-centered socialization and encouraging play and creativity in a time where the collective seems so troubled and serious.

-Tammy, Austin Pod Member