Inaugural Great Lakes Gathering

A Great Lakes Pod of Golden Dolphins has formed! Nina Brown joined the Great Lakes launch meeting as the honored guest speaker on July 21 in Richland, Michigan.

During the Gathering, a Golden Dolphin Activation Grid was created. This grid, designed/channeled by Barbara Evans at the request of Nina, has also been used by numerous pods as a great way to connect to the quantum field of the Golden Dolphins.

During the break Nina said, “Go play.” A few took the kayak out on the pond behind the house. Check out the slideshow below for many fun pictures of the gathering.

Pod Comment

“Many thanks for sharing your exquisite quantum field of experience at the Golden Dolphin Gathering! My insights grow deeper with each day’s passing. One of my take-aways from our pod is the importance of creating a conscious quantum field in which we create our dreams.”