Inaugural Gathering of Golden Dolphins: Message from the Golden Dolphins


The Inaugural Gathering of Golden Dolphins, Santa Fe, NM, June 5, 2011. Message delivered by Anaya-Ra of the golden dolphin, the highest frequency of the higher self of Anaya-Ra.

The reemergence is what we wish to share with you dear ones. We have been with you many times in the past. But this is a new emergence. This is a time that humanity and the consciousness of humanity is not aware of, it is new. The cosmos, the universe observes with wonder your creation. This is your creation. In the subconscious, in the conscious, you have created this time in human evolution and human awareness. Dear ones we honor you, this is why we have returned. This is why we have been waiting for you.

We are here at your beck and call at a higher vibration than we have known in physicality. We are here to merge with you, to support you, to guide you at this enormously important time in humanity’s evolution. We ask, with all of our love, that you acknowledge us, for we are you. We are the highest vibration of your higher self. We are you, and we wish to merge with your quantum field and be with you at all times even when you think you have forgotten. Know that once you embrace us, once you accept us, we will be with you even when you think you have forgotten us. And all that is necessary is the intention, the intention to be the wholeness of who you are.

We have a journey ahead of us, an uncharted journey. In our words, through the waves, through the tsunamis through the turbulence that is uncharted. But we are navigators, navigators of the cosmos, navigators of the waters, and we know how to guide you and steer you. It is not a time to be afraid. It is not a time to stand alone. We are here, and we want to play with you during this period of uncharted times. Together we can be joyous, together we can laugh, together we can be observers for what unfolds in the next moment, in the next day, in the next year and beyond. For we too are the observers, as are you, of the miracle that is unfolding as we go through a dimensional shift which some call the ascension. It has begun. We have been with you the whole time. It is just the awareness that has not been present. What we are asking is for your awareness of your entire divinity and entire humanity, what a miracle!

And so we say do not stand alone. It is too difficult. Come together as you did today. Do it again tomorrow. Do it again tonight. Observe the person who comes to you as a stranger, and know they are divinity even though they might not know it. And by your radiance and your accepting of your divinity they will wonder “What is this? We have not seen this before, what is this?”, and they will wish to be like you. And so by means of the sharing of the higher frequency (which you are now dear ones, you received that moments ago, because of the higher frequency which you now carry in your quantum DNA field, which will not leave you, which will not dissipate or diminish, with your intention will grow and remain) – with this higher frequency of gold, of pure love and light, of the christ consciousness frequency and codes – you in the presence of another will allow them to entrain with your frequency. This is the law of resonance, harmonic oscillation. So simple! All you need do is be, and you share the high frequency that you now command. And because of you, enormous towers of light on planet earth, will come to recognize who you are and why you are on the planet, and the work you are here to do. You are here with this higher frequency to assist humanity in the ascension by just being. No hard work, that’s over. Ease and grace,it must be ease an grace, for we are with you. And we are the highest vibration of your higher self, and when you have an intention to manifest from that junction point of your full divinity and your full humanity, what can you not do with ease and grace? We are the masters of the laws of attraction and magnetism. We are the masters, bring us in. When you combine the talents and the mastery of physicality with the mastery of the laws of attraction, will not life be simple ease and grace? And if it is not, ask, “Who are you – Who am I? Am I fully integrated with my golden dolphin higher vibration of my highest self?” Do you remember that we are here to assist you at all times under all circumstances? And we are setting today, now throughout the planet, the foundation for this quantum field which will permeate the planet. The blueprint long forgotten for humanities divinity and the highest vibration of your quantum field.

So with intention, dear ones, and with emerging with your golden dolphin aspect, what can you not do? And we just strongly recommend that you do it with joy, together, in this safe harbor of the pods. Not alone, not in fear. What is there to fear? You are divine. It is when you forget that you are divine that the other emotions creep in, like fear. So we say recognize each other, say, “I know who you are. I know who you are, and I rejoice, and I ask you to shine brightly, be all that you can be.” Do not hide. Do not let the collective consciousness say, “No you can’t. No you shouldn’t. No you aren’t. You need me.” All you need is you, your divinity, and the highest vibration of your higher self. And that’s us, and we are here, joyfully wishing to be of highest service to you. This is why we have chosen to return and have been waiting for eons for you to recognize us in you. We love you dearly. All you need do is ask. All you need do is ask – you, your divinity, us – for all that you need, and together we will joyfully leave the safe harbor of the pod we have created and go out into what some refer to as the chaos of the ocean. But we are masters, we know how to dive through the waves no matter how big.

And we leave you with one final comment: That just as the tsunami that covers the land brings plankton as the bottom of the food chain to nourish all that it touches – so too love, the pure love and light, is spreading across the planet and the bottom of it’s food chain is self-love. Without self-love, dear ones, you cannot have compassion. Without compassion you cannot have peace. Without peace you cannot have galactic peace. So you see it starts with you. Peace on the planet, peace in the cosmos. And the simple ingredient is self-love. And how can you not love yourself? – for you are ALL THAT IS! You are an individual aspect of ALL THAT IS. And when you shine brightly, completely, wholly, you truly serve humanity, and you have said often that is what you wish to do. You serve humanity the fullest with the self-love of yourself and the recognition of all that you are. One hundred percent divine, One hundred percent human, and the miracle of you on planet earth. We leave you now, but we are only an intention away from each one of you. So, with our deep love we honor you, the Golden Dolphins (via Anaya-Ra).

Below is a portion of the channel recorded and streamed live in Santa Fe on June 5, 2011.

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