How Can You Fly with an Anchor Tethered to You? – 11/11/11

Dear ones, on this auspicious day when the heavens align with all the energies on the earth to express the expansion of what you call the ascension, we rejoice with laughter and play. You are to be applauded vigorously as you gather in ceremony around the planet. This is indeed a time of celebration. Ponder with us please some twenty years ago when all of this accelerated growth in consciousness began. Do you remember? Where you a participant? Were you not yet awake? Perhaps. But look at you individually now.

Do you not marvel at the the road that you have traveled with courage and trust in your inner knowing? This is what we wish to discuss today, the power of trust, the power of surrender. This is indeed what we mean by “pick up your earthly anchor.” You must recognize it first before you can pick it up.

What is it that tethers you to the collective consciousness? What is it that gives you a strong feeling of comfort and security that you fear to release. Could it be that you don’t know who you truly are? Is that why you hold on so tightly? We are here not only to assist you in mastering the remembrance of who you are but also to assist you in lifting your personal anchor. As we imbue you with love, the frequency of pure gold, your radiance will be unmistakable to you. You will see yourself shining and then you will begin to trust what we say, “You are God.” You are an individual expression of all that is. Know this in the depths of your heart as we know it about you. Then come together, dear ones. Come together. We implore you. Share this knowing of who you are with others in safety. Share the knowing of who you know others to be in safety. Declare your human divinity. Then when you are confident and have this firmly radiating throughout your field, then you will feel comfortable in lifting the anchor. That is when you will truly fly, dear ones.

How can you fly with an anchor tethered to you? How can you swim and play in the plasma ocean with us with a weight holding you down? You did not place that weight on you. Know that. You were born into a lifetime when to participate in the drama of life you were required to wear this anchor and it has been difficult. But the time has come for you to remove it. That is what the new earth is. That is what the dimensional shift is. But it all begins with knowing the wholeness of you, knowing your human divinity. That is why we come to assist you in that remembering. Today, have the intention to be free of this burden. We will be by your side if you ask. We will guide you and protect you, for we are you, and why would that not be so if we are you? Let you assist you, the highest vibration of your higher self. Enjoy this day and play, play, play.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphins via Anaya-Ra