Grave Site of King Arthur and Guinevereー8/28/11

NOTE: This journal entry was made during Nina’s pilgrimage to Sacred Britain with the Earth Keepers. You may also wish to read this article by James Tyberonn of for additional context: The Myths, Truths & Magic of AvalonKing Arthur in Glastonbury

Thank you. We have waited a long time for this clearing. Our grief and sorrow has remained with us until this moment. You have removed a weight that we have both carried and has been felt by humanity. In this celestial work, you have also removed the etheric sorrow for so many who were saddened by the fall from grace. What you are declaring to humanity is that there is no fall from grace. That is all in the perception. All is perfection and an illusion. That is a profound message for humanity. It is the foundation of the human divinity that each one seeks. The human energy sees the sorrow. The human divinity sees the experience and the frequency emitted by the experience for the purpose of transformation.

Now rejoice with us, dear ones, as we rejoice in the new way of being. For we too see the cosmic in our experience and not just the human story and judgement. We understand today in the now the cosmic divine story that we experienced filled with human emotions, joy, sorrow and seeming tragedy. But, the real story is only that, just a story filled with experience and emotion. The impact that this present moment has and will have on this and future generations is beyond the concept of the human mind. It is the ushering in of compassion so profound that it will be felt by all of creation. Judgement is being removed in the new conscious awareness of the New Earth. This has been a gift to the New Earth and the new human that is being birthed into that era. The sorrow and judgement that has been the norm is now compassion and love for all experience. The hologram of Arthur and his queen Guinevere has been transformed to be filled with compassion and love. Your actions today have impacted this new consciousness, and the story continues with Katherine and William, filled with love and compassion.

With our deep love,
The Ancient Ones via Anaya-Ra