Goldsmith Margaret Cowhig discusses her dharma and Golden Dolphin Jewelry

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GoldenDolphinPendantNina: …and so the gold in the form of golden dolphin jewelry – it’s my intention that it will assist humanity in upshifting the frequency of the quantum DNA field. So it is a tool. And Margaret, if you would just hold this and introduce yourself and pronounce your last name for me.

Margaret: My name is Margaret Cowhig. That’s how you pronounce it: Coe-wig. I am a goldsmith and Nina asked me to tell you my story. I’ll just do that briefly. A number of years ago – about 17, 18 years ago actually – I was passing through Santa Fe and I fell in love. I went into some of the jewelry shops. I was looking for a wedding ring. And I fell in love with the really high carat gold. I’d never really seen 22 carat gold before and I just was so drawn to this gold. And a number of years later, my then husband and I decided to become goldsmiths and we trained in this very ancient technique. I had a really conscious and deep desire to create not just jewelry, but something that actually has an effect on the physiology. I wanted to create sacred jewelry. So I started – not really knowing what I was doing – I started making gold pieces and they are all hand fabricated. Then life got very busy, I had three children, and I ended up putting it aside. And then a few years ago, I decided it was time to start doing my jewelry again. And at this point, I’d been working with Matthew, who you’ll hear speak later, and I had mentioned that I wanted to start making my gold jewelry. And Divine Mother, who Matthew speaks for, commented, “Well you could just do regular jewelry or you could actually make jewelry that has the effect of really hastening people’s evolution. And has the effect of smoothing out the physiology and allowing for rapid but graceful growth. And so what would you rather do – just make jewelry or would you like to participate directly in the enlightenment of people?” And I thought, “Hmm… Let me see…” And it was everything I ever wanted to do. So I began working again and I learned some other techniques. I am very drawn to these ancient hand techniques. One of the things that Divine Mother commented on was that the particular gift that I have is that when I make jewelry, when I make a piece, there isn’t really anything of me in it. It really is just whole. It really just carries wholeness. So you could just literally take it from one person to another and there’s no transfer of anything [energetic]. So I started doing that. For me, it’s my Dharma. It’s what I was put on this earth to do and I couldn’t be more fulfilled than doing it. So then magically, Nina appeared and was wanting to create sacred jewelry.

Nina: Can you give them just a sneak hint about what we came up with this morning?

Margaret: Well, you know, Nina has the image of the dolphin and we talked about in sacred geometry, the fibonacci series, the big thing is that spiral – and it’s just the way that nature grows. And so there was dolphin and spiral and what we came up with was really an image of – it’s really like you would look in the center of a cactus growing or something – or a flower – that you have those perfect spirals coming out from the center, which really could become dolphins in an abstract way – not in a highly articulated dolphin way. But in a way that really carries the essence of their shape in a circle that is a spiral. I work three dimensionally. I use a technique where you hammer the gold into a three dimensional shape so there’s all kinds of room for glorious curves and hollows and it’s really fabulous. That’s going to be the first piece that we’re going to make.

Nina: I’m going to wear it on 11-11-11 in Arkansas and it will be available for everyone.