Gold as a Quantum Tool – Nina Brown

Gold as a Quantum Tool
Nina Brown
Transcribed from the Santa Fe Gathering of Golden Dolphins – December 4, 2011

This is a gathering of golden dolphins in Santa Fe and its intention is very unique. Its intention is to share with everyone in the room and to the audience who will be observing this film in the future, that gold is a quantum tool. When the golden dolphins told me this, I had no idea what they were talking about, which happens a lot (laughter.) And I just trusted and I thought, “Well, some day, some time I’ll find out what quantum means and I’ll find out how gold works and then I’ll figure out how gold and quantum work and some how in the quantum field, I’ll know everything I’m supposed to know. But until that point, I’m just going to speak it as if I know what I’m talking about.” So I did.

It began last Spring: I was with a gathering of incredible beings in Atlanta with a group called the Earth-Keepers. And we were there at the request of Archangel Metatron, facilitated by James Tyberonn. The intention was to clear the ground of the frequency, the negative frequency, of slavery, of the Trail of Tears, and of the Civil War. And as I was sitting there, I thought, “Why am I here? I don’t feel a connection to this.” Then it occurred to me. My lineage is finance. Its about gold.

So I went to Tyberonn and I said, “Tyberonn, I know that we are supposed to clear gold as well as the other frequencies because gold has been used to buy those slaves and to finance the Civil War and to do all of the aggressive, greed filled activities throughout the ages.” And Tyberonn agreed, and Archangel Metatron agreed as well. So when we went into ceremony, gold became a factor.

So I knew that gold had been cleared but I wasn’t quite sure what that meant until the golden dolphins came to me, maybe a month or so ago, and said gold has been cleared from all the ages across the planet and it is now at zero point. But it does not mean that it will not change in frequency. I guess for an example, if I decided to go into the slave business and I was using gold today, it would resume the frequency that it had carried.

Then I was told that when I have intention and I move my consciousness outside of the collective consciousness into this glorious golden dolphin quantum field, which some call the unified crystalline field, that pure gold and that’s frequency of pure gold, with my intention, will allow gold to become a quantum tool. So I thought, “Well, that’s great. I wonder what that means but I’ll just tell everybody anyway.” And then the thought was, “If I have more gold than you do, am I going to be better than you?” And the answer was no, its not about quantity. Its about quality of gold and quality of intention. A little bit of gold is just as magnificent as a lot of gold. I thought, “That’s very good. I like that.”

Then I ended up meeting a magical group of people in Santa Fe and we decided that it was appropriate to create what we now call “Golden Periapt of Dolphin” and I have one on me at the moment. “Periapt” simply is a term that means talisman and it is a more appropriate term than jewelry. Because I have a very powerful tool around my neck and it works powerfully in the quantum field. I’ll explain more.

So on 11-11, I was wearing this absolutely brand new periapt. It arrived the day before, handcrafted by a cosmic goldsmith, Margaret in Washington, who was chosen, actually, by Divine Mother. And I went to visit Max. Max is the thirteenth ancient skull from off planet and while I was with him, I had my brand new, golden dolphin vogel crystal. And I found myself going like this (Nina makes a motion). So Max was at the end of the crystal and the crystal was pointing right at the golden periapt and I felt three shivers run through my body. It became very clear to me that the image, which is the spiraling trinity of golden dolphins, was being activated.

I had been playing around with the golden dolphins in the quantum field, getting to know them, and I knew that some day we would merge. But it hadn’t happened until I was with Max and the crystal was between me and the gold. So what happened was I merged with my golden dolphin aspect and both of us became a third greater than the two parts. So in my reality and my truth I am a greater consciousness, a higher awareness than I was before we began. And I carry that frequency and that consciousness now.

I went into a meditation which was called “The Integration of the Golden Dolphin Self” and I took the crystal and I used it for the first time as a quantum tool with a group – and I will do this in just a few minutes. And I, for the group, transferred the gold filaments, which are so visible in this smokey quartz rutilated crystal. There are little lines of gold in here and they’re very much like what it looks in the quantum field. I’ll pass it around. And with the crystal, my hand outstretched from my arm, I moved the filaments of gold in the quantum field with this quantum tool that I wear on my breast. And I implanted a similar symbol on the breast, on the sacred heart of everyone in the room and they became generators within the golden matrix. And we will do this in a few minutes.