Get To Know You Before You Move On – 7-26-11

Welcome, dear ones, to the beginning, the beginning of a new cycle of transformation (new planetary year commences with the opening of the Lion’s Gate portal). The past few days, the past few weeks have been an intense period of full clearing of old karma that no longer serves you. As you move into the realm where karma does not exist, you will feel a void. Relax into that void. Do not fill it up quickly, which is the tendency of humanity. Have the courage to rest and relax into it, to take time to make decisions about how you want that new space of infinity to shine.

You are a new expanded being by intention, conscious or unconscious. Get to know you before you move forward or call on action steps. Look around you at the brilliance you have chosen to enter. Is it enough? Is it enough for now? Or do you feel that you must fill the void? With what will you fill it? Do you know enough about this new expanded phase of consciousness to make that right decision for you? Or do you need time to luxuriate, to play, to experiment, to feel, to learn about the new frequencies. Ask yourself these questions, dear ones, each time you take a quantum leap forward. There is no rush to do. You have all the time of the timeless now to just be in this new quantum space. Now, we wish to speak to you of the days to come. They will be more moderate. You will have time to simply rest and get acquainted with the new transforming you. We hesitate to mention Mercury going retrograde, for we do not wish you to move through life making decisions primarily on the position of the planets. But, we do say this is an excellent time to rest, to play while you and the planets go through a phase. Then when you feel as if you know the new you, then make decision. These decisions will be much more fruitful after rest.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphins via Anaya-Ra