Gathering of Golden Dolphins – Jerusalem, February 14, 2012

The Gathering of Golden Dolphins in Jerusalem was incredibly sweet, and fittingly held on Valentine’s day. We gathered at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher on the roof at the junction point in the old city. Transcending religion and nationality, Jewish, Muslim & Christian Individuals gathered, people came from Israel but originated from as far as South Africa, Peru, Argentinia, India, US and Israel, it was a very international group.

Click here to listen to the Message from the Golden Dolphins for Israel and the people of Israel shared by Nina/Anaya-Ra.

During the ceremony, tuning forks played by all present, listen here.

At noon on Valentine’s Day the planet was asked to join others at their noon time zone in toning “AH” from the heart chakra. Just as we began our toning the bells of Jerusalem began to ring. We toned together until the bells stopped ringing. Listen here.

It was shared that greatest gift we [Nina and the other Earth-Keepers present, who had recently held ceremony in Egypt] brought to the group in Israel was the codes from Egypt since those in Israel are not allowed to travel to Egypt. There was such enormous appreciation that we came to be with them. Click here to hear Jerusalem pod member Ofra Ben Shetrit express what it meant to her personally.

Click here to listen as Ofra shares her amazing experience with the Golden Dolphins of Sirius B and other inspirational Dolphin stories. It is amazing to hear of the visitation stories and experiences people have around the world, how similar and magical they are regardless of culture and nationality. (These stories.)

Finally, Ofra Ben Setrit tells of an occurrence of her dreaming of dolphins and many dolphins coming to the shore of Israel just before we arrived, an unusual event! Click here to listen.

Another in our group, who used a translator, shared a fascinating dream of Dolphins and Atlantis that she had previously forgotten, but remembered during our gathering. Listen to the dream.

Pod Comments

Dearest Nina! I would like to thank for your arrival to Israel and for having brought to us the 12 Golden Dolphins.It was great for me to meet you. I hope that one day you return to Israel…

It was wonderful to be with you and I truly feel that you helped a lot bringing up my vibrations. I must tell you something that happened a few days after you left. I was drivig lome, up a hill, and started to feel a bit depressed. Am I doing too much? How does one get from zero to such grand dreams. And then my eyes went up to the sky and I saw,so wonderfully clear, a pod of dolphins in the clouds. There were about 10 of them, so gorgeous and I took a picture with my cell phone and laughed all the way home. Since then my sculptures always have a dolphin in them, they just are with me. Thank you so much for this gift of the presence of the Golden Dolphin with me.