Gathering of Golden Dolphins, Eclipse at the Pyramids of Moody Gardens, Galveston

As part of the Earth-Keeper event in Galveston, Nina led a Gathering of Golden Dolphins on May 20, 2012, the day of a powerful solar eclipse. Please enjoy the audio and transcription of the message, We Declare Today to be the Birthing of a New Consciousness.

Listen to Nina’s Gathering of Golden Dolphins Presentation at the Earth-Keeper’s Galveston Event: Galveston Presentation.

The Gathering at Galveston

Kathy Blair played as we entered the space for the gathering. She had done so at the Tampa Gathering as well. Listen to the bowls here.


Elena Radford, a Shamanic Practitioner from Peru, shared in both English and Spanish, about the Incan prophecies and the last moments of Atlantis and their stored records of light. She discussed an activation/portal opening ceremony for manifesting abundance, that she was to facilitate during the Eclipse. There were many Spanish speaking guests in attendance, some did not speak English, yet wanted to feel the frequency of the Gathering. Listen to Elena’s talk here.

After Elena’s explanation, she and a group left for the ceremony, which they conducted at the white pyramid. Meanwhile, we left the meeting space and made our way to the 9th floor to look out over the three pyramids to join them etherically by attuning to the heart as Elena had recommeded.

It was truly an amazing sight.

After, we returned to the meeting space we gathered in silence with the crystal bowls to find that the bowls had adjusted their tone to the new frequency.

We concluded by sharing communion together of grape juice and wafers. The Gathering was a sacred honoring of the moment.

Here is some of the feedback from that gathering:

I now know how important it is to remain in alignment with this Creator-Love in order to live joyously and to manifest God’s Will flowing through me. Thank you so much for your teachings, the blueprint of Love that you represent, and all that you have done to enrich my life. I wish you so very well with the events you have planned coming up soon, especially the 6 June Venus Transit one. May it be a joyful and successful event for the Golden Dolphins!

It was such a pleasure to meet you (in Galveston), and quite a joy to become part of the Gathering of the Golden Dolphins. I will be back in Taos mid June and hope to drive down and attend as many events as possible. I am very grateful for your work and up-loads that you share with us.

Before another day goes by I must let you know how much I appreciated your Sunday evening gathering. To think that I flew down to Texas for the eclipse and were it not for you I might have possibly missed being with like-minded individuals at that most special time. It was a very powerful moment and the highlight of my weekend (of course our session together was another hightlight!). Looking forward to your webinair on June 6th. I want to let you know how much I appreciate what you are doing…