Free Gift: Mandala Templates for Awakening our Divinity

Barbara Evans, Great Lakes Pod Lead and designer of the Messages Of Universal Wisdom cards has shared a gift with us: Awakening Our Divinity 2012 Mandala Coloring Templates. Barbara shares:

“Sacred Geometry is the language of the Universe, the language of creation.

By choosing to actively participate and interact with the symbols of creation, you are inviting new levels of your Divine Self to awaken within. It is a process that takes place beyond the logic of thought.

You are provided here with two Mandala templates, channeled in the first days of 2012, which assist us to awaken our Divinity and contribute to Divine Unity. The year 2012 is the year of the Great Shift where the opportunity to make huge leaps in consciousness is supported by energies reaching the Earth from our Galactic Center.

The coloring of these Mandalas is a sacred process of Divine Love and Intention.”

Download the coloring mandala templates here.