Florida Pod member, Summer, shares her story


When I first came to live at the Happehatchee Center in 2009, my friend Deb had given me a tetrahedron shaped crystal which I had never seen before. When I discovered Barefoot Beach Preserve in Bonita Springs, and after 3 days under my umbrella and swimming in the warm water, walking the white sandy beaches in the cool breezes~ I heard my High Self say: “You have arrived!”…and, then I asked, “So, where am I?” and, what I heard from within and in oneness with all ~ ‘Oh, yes ~ ‘we’re at the beach and ~ “Life is a Beach”! And, we are here to create Life is a Beach Mystery Games for adults who wish to learn how to Play’!

So, I showed up everyday to “play” and to be the only student-teacher to both learn and teach how to Play! Actually, I learned very quickly that I was not alone at all!

Oh, “Easy”, you might say! Or, “Well, who has time to play!” Or, What a waste of time ~ Go Get a Life! Or, “There’s so much work to be done ~ Are you crazy?”!

So it is not so easy to buck the system that we are all in here on Planet Earth! Even within me was the big resistance that it was too hot, too much sun was not healthy and, what can be so important about learning to be a child again? Except, ringing in my ears always is Jesus’ words, ‘Unless you become like a little child, you cannot enter into the Kingdom of God’ and that became my mandate and my calling~ even on the days there were no cool breezes, only hot sun and always the soothing, trance inducing white waves, water birds and always the little children~ teaching me how to play! They did not notice ‘it was too hot’, or they did not know, ‘too much sun is not healthy’, or, ‘there is too much work to be done’~

In my Tetrahedron Temple, that I called into being to swim with the dolphins and whales and to scatter zillions of tiny stardust tetrahedrons with my high self, high self spiritual council, all of Ocean Momma’s sea creatures to play with and all the Star Beings too~ receiving ‘crop circle’ messages on sand dollars after four months was quite a surprise! The sand dollars that I picked up in October at Wiggen’s Pass were marked in beautiful script with the letter “G” and I knew that it was a musical note! I found about 9 or 10 out of thousands I could see that covered the sand bar at low tide.

The second day I found sand dollars marked with the beautiful script in the letter “C”…then, the next two days we had thunder storms. On the third day I went out, the sand dollars had all been carried out to sea. Then, a year later, meeting a PhD in music I learned that the GC note is the Perfect Musical 5th which means Harmony! I believe that by creating my intention to Learn How to Play and creating a Tetrahedron Temple in my imagination from the little crystal a friend had given me when I first arrived the Star Beings were simply saying,

‘I see you’ ~

‘Thank you’ ~

‘We Love You’!

— SummerOM ~Ocean MommaMoonBeams