First gathering of the Golden Dolphins in Pretoria, South Africa (SA)

Elmarie shared this first hand experience of the first Pretoria, South Africa Gathering of Golden Dolphins held on Sunday, July 16, 2012:

“Since everyone’s first language was Afrikaans the meeting… was mostly, but not exclusively, in Afrikaans, and is likely change to English as the group grows more culturally diverse.

Arien and Amelia did a fantastic job of arranging the meeting, sending out invitations and preparing the meeting space with flowers and white candles. Arien opened the meeting and offered some background as to how it all came about … their meeting you in Egypt, learning about the Golden Dolphins and participating in your meeting in Cairo. Everyone introduced themselves and spoke a little about their spiritual journey and interests. Some of those amazing orb photos from Egypt were shown which was a first encounter for some of the group. Arien presented the intent behind the Golden Dolphin gatherings clearly and invited feedback. From then on it was an open discussion. Arien invited me to end with a meditation aimed at aura clearing and raising our vibration. During the discussions over tea and from email feedback post the meeting, most people commented how thrilled they were to meet other like-minded souls who had a passionate interest in New spirituality.”