Feedback from the March 10 Interdimensional Healing Webinar

We had a great turn out for our first S.T.A.R. Clinic webinar with Nina Brown and Lauren Galey on March 10. The topic was Interdimensional Healing and here’s what participants shared about their experience:

Thank you so much for the webinar today with Lauren Galey. I am still tingling from all the information and the excitement and joy it brought up.

Thank you for this beautiful Webinar today. When you were channeling I received a very strong message about my journey forward (so exciting). I am in deep gratitude, my soul sister.

Dear Wonderful Nina,Thanks so so much for this amazing gift! Wow! I am so uplifted by these energies. Oh, would prefer to thank you in Delphinese, words aren’t enough now. Eee ee eee is all I can say at this time for this precious gift from you and all the Great Ones assisting within and all around! Wahoo! In great gratitude and joyous playful love to you.

Zillions of synchronicities have accelerated since your gathering Sun./and now w/webinar. Wow! This is fun! Yahoo! Love.

Wonderful interview!

Thank you for hosting the S.T.A.R. Clinic webinar yesterday. What a remarkable event! I can hardly wait to get your re-play of this as I am excited to practice the meditation with several ideas for deeper, clearer manifestation work.

It was an amazingly powerful webinar in safe community for which IAM extremely grateful. This event was way, way beyond my expectations of a 2 hour live voice webinar training! Nina’s transmissions are still felt in my being. I know my frequency and light quotient changed with this work and play. My gratitude and appreciation to both you and Nina for this new illumination.

Thank You Thank You Thank You…..Nina for bringing me into the Golden Dolphins circle of love and light….today….in Lauren’s awesome webinar. As we know the Golden Dolphins can fly directly into the heart and matter and so it is. I am thanking you for this awesome webinar with DEEP Gratitude. And so I give to you all my love and thanks you’s. I am deeply honored and will cherish the love and light of our connection. And may we each illuminate our heartfelt thoughts by strengthening the power of our visions living in heaven upon the Divine Mother’s earthly sphere.

I had the privilege of partaking in Tyberon’s Earthkeeper event in 2010 and was awed by your gifts. So awesome to touch Hearts again.. You will recognize the statue in my profile pic. I look forward to meeting again…Namaste’ Deep bow with humble love in eternal gratitude. Yours Graciously.

Thank you kindly for scholarship…what wondrous sharing.

Thank you so much for this generous gift and the sharing of yourself and your highest light. In gratitude and love.

I loved the webinar on Saturday – I still feel the buzz from the channelling and the feeling of love for all creation which I am feeling more and more now. I am losing the fear which seems to permeate everything we read and see on television. I am using my inner intuition more and more and sending out love to all negative situations without being attached to the outcome. Much love and gratitude

I really loved the webinar with Nina Brown yesterday evening although I was a little tired towards the end (it was 11 pm in the UK). I met Nina on a trip through the mystical sites in the UK with Tyberonn last autumn and subsequently bought her book. I was fascinated by her life story and her joyful outlook on life as well as the Golden Dolphins especially since I feel a strong connection to Sirius.

I found that the explanations she gave yesterday about the exact meaning of S.T.A.R. and how it would impact on our lives was so clear and so simple that I understood the concept immediately and just knew that was the most important thing in my life and in all our lives now. I feel I knew a little about surrender and acceptance because of a situation that happened to me a few years ago. My family transferred to Japan as my husband was offered a position in Tokyo. During the downturn in the Japanese economy, he lost his job and we had to return to the UK immediately with no job, no house and no immediate pospects. Also we had two cats which would have to be quarantined for 6 months which would have cost us about 3500 dollars as there was no question of leaving them behind in Japan.

To cut a long story short, I surrendered everything to the Universe and prayed for the best outcome for our family without specifying where I wanted to live etc. After 5 months of searching (without agonising about where we should live or pushing for a certain position) my husband found the perfect job, we found the perfect house with the perfect high school for my daughter and the perfect cat quarantine place for our cats nearby. Everything just fell into place with ease and synchronicity. I just trusted it would be the best outcome for us. I don’t know how I knew this but I felt I had to go with the flow.

It is not always easy as we forget and try to insist on getting exactly what we want without knowing that there may be something better around the corner! With the acronym STAR it is now easier to remember when we become impatient and want a certain outcome. Remembering that I am a Divine being is sometimes a little harder to do – I just have to keep telling myself.

Many thanks to you and Nina and lots of love and blessings. I look forward to the download so that I can listen to it again. – Linda

The experience of Oneness in the process of creation she led us through was extraordinary. Co-creation as One…hard to explain; an experience out of space and time! A confluence of my own I Am Divinity with Divinity Itself as One creating as One Divine Will. Amazing grace! And her speaking in different languages…wow; I could feel things happening throughout my body, during and especially after, for some time. It was “interrupted” by a friend calling who was in such a state of joy, bubbling all over about all the things she’d just been doing…I knew it was a result or conveyance from the beings who were part of the webinar and Nina’s delivery, sharing the joy they’re uplifting us to! Goose bumps all over as I feel my own personal connection with the Golden Dolphins and the S.T.A.R. beings. Hope this makes some sense. Thank you so much for bringing us so many wonderful people and connections!

Your webinar is magnificent. I have restarted reading your book as well, and my goodness I am in awe. Awesome in so many ways and so gracious in accepting the path you are following. You humble me to think that as aspects of each other we are united as one. It is difficult enough to be I AM, and accept the responsibility that this entails. You are proof that this is a reality we each share, along with humanity, and as always I am in loving gratitude for what you are accomplishing. From one golden dolphin to another, thank you.

PS. My friend the magpie came to say hi and to admonish me for taking so long to write this letter. I am smiling in gratitude.

Thank you for our session together. It was wonderful talking to you. I appreciate everything you are doing for the planet and humanity. I am so grateful for the blessings you bestowed upon me, priceless treasures to be cherished. Thank you also for the webinar experience. Was that not just one of the most incredible, stupendous, magical of moments?! I appreciated every second of it. It finished at just after 11PM London time so I went to bed feeling quite joyful at the idea of everyone coming together to connect with the Golden Dolphins and each other. I look forward to your future webinars.

Your webinar was so packed with incredible information and I am delighting at re-living it again (and again). It was so lovely to leave behind my everyday life for a while and connect with you at such a peaceful, effortless place. Again,many thanks to you, Lauren, the Golden Dolphins, to all the beings of Light,and to everyone else who participated. Warmest Wishes and Brightest Blessings.