Feedback from the June 6 Online Celebration of the Venus Transit & Golden Dolphin Energies

Nina offered a free online broadcast in honor of the Venus Transit and the full return of the Golden Dolphin energies on planet earth. 291 people tuned-in! If you missed the live broadcast, the recording is archived here. Thanks so much for joining together to celebrate this beautiful day!

Here is what participants had to say about the experience…

I want to thank you for the momentous event yesterday. The golden dolphin energy really came across and continued to flow through me for another couple of hours. It was beautiful Thank you and the Golden Dolphins.

Thank you for the wonderful broadcast. I loved the material and your eloquent method of speaking. Thank you so much!

Thank you so very much, I really enjoyed the webinar and felt so uplifted and thankful to be part of this movement forward.

Your broadcast yesterday was wonderful.

Thank you, thank you, thank you dear Nina…Count in the pod…

I have just listened to your recording from yesterday. Thank you sooo much, what a wonderful experience that was.

I was on your Venus Transit Golden Dolphins call yesterday – thank you, it was beautiful! Boy, have I felt those Venus energies coming in big time! My body took a hit for sure!

I was looking for a group of people to be with, for meditation etc. during 5-6 June Venus Transit and Full return of the Golden Dolphin Energy. And see what happened…just 4 days ago I was reading an article about a gathering and I got goose-bumps…this is what I was looking for.

I loved the call on the 6th. So clearly lead and spoken. What a message. I liked the music intervals…a touch higher volume in comparison to spoken word, but enjoyed the sound and drops of water…drip, drip, drip. Something was shifted Wednesday…..I feel different…free-er. The higher qualities harmonics are in the air…It is all so deeply fantastic. I understand your words this life-time returned to anchor and complete what we came to do. Thanks for the sharing on the Nile boat. Soft smile of appreciation.

I enjoyed the 6/6 Golden Dolphin party!