Feedback from October gatherings around the globe

Tilburg, Netherlands Gathering of Golden Dolphins – Oct. 1st

The First gathering was awesome! ~Bas Vaessen

San Antonio, Texas Gathering of Golden Dolphins – Oct. 10th

The San Antonio gathering was enjoyable. Adrienne Goff joined from Austin and created an incredible grid, pictured here. Thanks to all who attended.


Henley Beach, South Australia Gathering of Golden Dolphins – Oct. 22nd

This morning we had our first gathering of golden dolphins at Henley Beach South Australia, a small group – maybe – certainly infinite in presence and the connections were flowing with abundance. Thank you Nina Brown, Jeanette Nash, Kurt and Olivier for a fabulous morning and meditation in love and light. ~Jayne Mason

Austin, Texas Gathering of Golden Dolphins – Oct. 26th


Adrienne Goff created and activated a beautiful crystal grid and taught us all a bit about working with grids. We discussed the messages of the Golden Dolphins, embodying human divinity, practicing that in community, choosing to connect to the unified crystalline field of consciousness, disconnecting from the dualistic human collective consciousness, and play, play, play! Robert Hintzke shared a reading about the recent surges in sun energy that are facilitating our evolution and reminded us that we are not the same people that we were even last week. He also playfully reminded us that shyness is an old program, it’s time to go public with our love, truth and power. We were also joined by fellow San Antonio Pod members and Denise Troyer shed more light on the crystalline grid and Golden Dolphins as avatars. I led a “bone dance,” some laughter yoga and a guided visualization to connect to and embody our higher selves, which was followed by group sharing. It seemed we all left feeling elevated, expanded and grateful to connect in community and “exercise our human divinity” muscles. Thanks Nina and the Golden Dolphins for encouraging us to do so. ~Tammy Mabra