Feedback from November gatherings around the globe

Santa Fe, New Mexico Gathering of Golden Dolphins – Nov. 6

Thank you Nina: Thanks for gathering us, once again, local, global, open hearts… Yesterday was a unique gift, as always… felt different & new. Pod speakers & members spoke uniquely, and sunk down deeper in the heart, where all said is honored as truth, or pointing to it. Felt many gifts birthed through the energies gathered & shared… We are all growing even in what felt a very tender time. May all the blossoms reach you! Much love a & gratitude. Seven billion paths… one way!

The Santa Fe gathering was wonderful, too. I brought two friends and they both loved it. The Golden Dolphins (all kinds) attended in force. So, I believe, did the Rainbow Dolphins. It was wonderful to meet James and hear not only his story, but how he interprets some of the things he’s been guided to do. Vladimir said a few succinct, enlightening things. And Michele Ama Wehali Tozbitsky did a great job of creating sacred space.

Tampa, Florida Gathering of Golden Dolphins – Nov. 6

Dearest Nina… You are even more beautiful and majestic than I envisaged. And all our other Golden Dolphins are truly magnificent. I love you all!

Thank you very Much. It was nice to share the Energy of Life with all the family Love and light. Always Blessing. With Great Appreciacion. ~Jose Soleda Palacios

We all heard at our Tampa Golden Dolphin gathering on Nov. 6th~ that we are here to express our divinity and to play~ and, What is Play?, Nina asked.

And we all shared and remembered together that when we recapture and recreate the joy of being in our playfulness again and again~ we will soar higher and higher with the Golden Dolphins on eagles wings of our true nature as Divine Beings~ and that is how we will shift the collective un-consciousness soup of suffering, loss, survival and lack!

At the Tampa gathering of the Golden Dolphins we were all playing~ drumming, dancing, crystal bowling, singing, speaking starbeing languages with Nina from Santa Fe, Katherine, our Hostess, Cindy from Dullas, VA, Jose, Artist and AztecRitual Dancer, Matria Lupita, Clarity and Ruby all from Tampa (with many friends…) and, Jeanie, from Ft. Myers, Nigel and Nickolas from Jamaica and Miami, Cathy from Naples and so many, many more who came to ‘Play’ in the new Harmony of the 5th dimension of Oneness, Gratitude, Kindness and Joy! ~the here and now of the New Earth Energies! And, in that place of here & now is all that is ever needed and is where true abundance of love and light can flow, create, expand…

Click here to view Jose Soleda’s work.

And, pick up a Sedona Journal of Emergence to learn more about the Earth-Keepers and other friends like Ruth Evelyn
— SummerOM ~Ocean MommaMoonBeams

I don’t even know what to say right now…your site is beautiful and has captured our gathering in a most magnificent way. It is a feast for the eyes, ears and soul. I just re-lived the entire night and am humbled at what transpired. We really did this?! Wow! How can I ever thank you for bringing us all together and driving all the way down here to Tampa to conduct this ceremonial gathering. I loved re-listening to your opening message and digesting the words even deeper for the second time. I can’t believe all the orbs in the photo! … We are in an amazing time, Nina Brown! I just want you to know how much I LOVE YOU and CHERISH YOU and HONOR what YOU are doing! You have taught me so much about Spirit and My Divinity. A very big Thank you for sharing the chanelled message from Winter – it touches my heart to the core.

Little Rock, Arkansas, 11-11-11 Earth-Keeper’s Conference Gathering of Golden Dolphins – Nov. 13

This weekend was the most profound spiritual event in my life!!! And I have been to numerous spiritual events for maybe 10 years & have been on an alternative spiritual journey since 1970. I send Great Gratitude for the Golden Dolphin Session with you Sunday morning to be forever remembered! After your workshop on Sunday night I went to my room which was under yours overlooking the river. I gazed out at the river & my first thought was – are those river spirits dancing on the water? As I watched I thought, That looks like a mother & 3 baby dolphins dancing on top of the water. They were dancing up & down but also wiggling right to left & it appeared they had a shadow across the water. The babies were on one side, the mother on the other side but she also seemed like a goddess & seemed to be holding something. I watched this for quite some time. Then I called a friend to report it but when I came back it had all shifted. Still not sure of what I had seen – the next night I looked to the river to see if it was just reflections. Nothing like I had seen the night before – then I knew it really was the golden dolphins!!!! WHAT A GIFT!!!! ~Nance of Hatfield, Ma

Thanks for my NEW birthday hugs last weekend. What an incredible time we live on this beautiful planet and through the dimensions NOW in this and all NOW MOMENTS. I AM fully Greatful and it is through YOUR mastership and Tyb’s and Anne’s mastership and all those that were gathered working to reach their FULLNESS that has amplified my Self’s connection to my own. I will journal as the days go and hopefully be able to share more in January at the next gathering of Golden Dolphins. With greatfulness, love and joy.

We really enjoyed the gathering in Little Rock. We had a wonderful group – incredible incites!! Much Love.

Wasn’t it just a lovely conference. Thank you for all of the light and inspiration you always bring to so many people. I heard several people saying such glowing things about you.

I attended the golden dolphin gathering Sunday night. I had never even heard of the golden dolphins before the Little Rock event…..however, when we broke into groups this beautiful golden dolphin “language” came out of my being. It was a very loving energy….I have no idea what I said, but it certainly felt good….and totally surprised me.

You were awesome in Arkansas! Love, TYB

I had a massage in Hot Springs and the minute she touched me she said, oh, you’re a healer…then she asked me if I was aware of my lifetimes in Egypt, then she said she didn’t understand but she saw “mermaid” energy in my field…I told her we called it “Golden Dolphin” 🙂 Gotta Love it!!

Australia/Skype Gathering of Golden Dolphins – Nov. 25/26

Hi Jayne, I would like to say that I found the gathering refreshing, which is what happened as well after the previous gathering. It definitely increases your vibration to talk to other people who share your interests.

Hi, Jayne, It was such fun to connect. I am really sorry I missed the first part but even in the little I was a part of I made lots of new connections with people and really enjoyed playing with other Golden Dolphins, sharing our experiences and our links and connections to so many different interesting and great ideas about light and love and joy and high vibrations. Increasingly I am with people who understand who we are and how we can be ‘love’. Thank you for being a gracious host and a great facilitator and for setting it all up. In love and light and joy.

This is just a short thank you for the amazing connection we have created. I told you when we first spoke back in July that I wanted to get my creative writing inspiration flowing again, and well we worked wonders that day. Now I have beautiful beings connecting with me via email and skype to share in the unity consciousness of the Golden Dolphins – what a joy. And I have finished my new book for generating cosmic fun with Infinite love wisdom, and I have attached a copy for you so that you can see the start of the amazing cosmic journey you helped me to create for my cosmic self on Earth. It is with great joy I give you a copy of ” Infinite Potential with Cosmic Integrity”. -Jayne Mason

The Global Gathering lead to some truly cosmic conversation.It was wonderful to hear and feel the energy flowing from the 11 11 11 experiences that were enjoyed by all on the call.I felt it an honor to listen to all of the wonderful plans for 2012. It was a true celebration of exchange in love and light. The global gathering included callers from Europe, USA and Australia. There will be a regular monthly global gathering in 2012. -Jayne Mason

Netherlands Gathering of Golden Dolphins: Nov. 26

The second gathering in Tilburg (Netherlands) of the golden dolphins was again very beautiful. It touches the hearts of the participants. The group was a little smaller than the first gathering. The golden energy was very present and the participants felt the appeal this energy did to be with their higher self. The sound healing grounded the Golden Dolphin energy and worked on a deep transpersonal level. With light and love, Bas