Feedback from January gatherings around the globe

Tampa, Florida Gathering of Golden Dolphins on January 8, 2012

Our event [was] on Sunday! We had 8 people and I forgot to take pictures – sorry! We were so “in the moment” and having so much fun, I just completely forgot! Anyway, the below email sums up “having a safe place to play.” We all drank the rest of the blessed water that Kathy Blair created at our first event and toasted to the Golden Dolphins! We shared A LOT and were all happy to gather together. Thanks for giving me the strength to carry on with pods (this is VERY important and fun work!)

Last night was so amazing…I felt, and still feel, so full of gratitude to have been a part of last night. Thank you so much for inviting me because I now feel like I am a part of a group of people that “get it”. I was also amazed that the men got it. Not used to that at all…lol. Looking forward to seeing ya! Lots of Love and Gratitude!!!!

Santa Fe Gathering of Golden Dolphins on January 22, 2012

Steve Pitt of Spiritual Technologies gave an interpretation of the grid that Barbara Evans had just created. Here’s what he had to say:

My mission in this lifetime is to make sure that all of the ascension information that’s given to the teachers is accurate, consistent and coherent. Coherent is one of those key words which should resonate for you now days. No more of this ‘call it this, call it that, call it something else’ – it’s all basically the same and we need to put it all on the same page. We can teach it and have a nest of a crystalline form, which is coherent, of those that disseminate the information to the teachers and to all of the students.

What you are seeing here is an absolutely wonderful and accurate transmission of the first of eight keys. There are eight basic, fundamental geometries which are encoded in the light that is coming from the galactic core. This is the basic and most fundamental of all of those keys. She even has incorporated with the pictures the squares in it. The flower of life hides within it three squares. When you work with the circle of twelve you will find that. The other thing that this particular transmission also does, and this particular one has, is the copper ring. The copper ring is you. The copper ring is the thirteenth star nation. Humans are the combination of all the other twelve star nations and the thirteenth ring is the center ring. So you are beautifully and wonderfully performing the ceremonies of the first of the eight keys. Thank you all so much.

Feedback from those who attended

Yesterday’s gathering was absolutely wonderful! It’s with me still. Beautiful program! Thank you.

There is great gratitude in the discernment lesson as well. This group of Golden Dolphins amazes me with their kind and gentle perceptions and love. It really is safe inside the space that is created for us. Since it is an old habit of mine to protect others, this brought me into a deeper awareness of my habit and the use and miss-use of same. In meditations, prayers and contemplations, I will be self-examining with more honesty.

Your lead to provide this space and nurture each one that is there to participate to stretch into their honest, pure loving Divinity is a beautiful playground of joy. Slowly I am relaxing into the group and its safety. Thank you for you patience and understanding. Gratitude, much gratitude.

I can see a huge future for your clinic shortly. I understand the Galactics can expand your clinic in no time flat, like, a couple of days. So be prepared for almost anything once the ball starts rolling. The more expansion of time we experience now, the greater will be the compression and acceleration of what’s coming.

It was absolutely beautiful! Congratulations! I saw the golden temple when they were descending it down to the room over the crystals on Sunday! Also, I saw the fountain of light Barbara created with her tools! Amazing! [A] few days ago, I perceived you like a man in ancient time, depositing the codes of wisdom for humanity in Giza. You were an astronaut in a suit putting on the ground a circular plate with encoding – it was a template. There was a beam going through the template imprinting a certain field where the codes are stored. And now, you will be releasing them within a few weeks. Wow!

Thank you x infinity Nina, for a truly amazing day of activation… Of course 10 goddesses of us gathered, enjoying far more, as we love to do! Amazing adventures as you tour! Holy wow! Enjoyed Divine Mother, Barbara, You & All the Pod & Vladamir’s dear transformation. I love & adore you & all these gifts that abound! -Jen Klarfeld