Feedback from Ascension 2012: Ancient & New Codes Revealed

Hello Nina…just amazing…I am so grateful to you for coordinating all these wonderful gifted Beings of Light. I’m also grateful to myself for listening to my inner guidance to participate.

What an event- soaking in all the love and light and codes and soul family. What seems to be important to me is the validation I have felt over the years how important it is to be aware of the body and all its signals and messages that we receive through proper breath, sound, light, movement, and listening to feelings, breath, physical sensations and sacred heart. I prayed for this time to help me connect all the dots of my life experiences and to have full connection to Source 24/7. I feel this provided the opportunity to do so- now it is integration time of all I experienced.

Dearest Nina, thank you so much for the incredible STAR Clinic, and to All! (the webinar) was so powerful, and I am so grateful to all of you! Love and many blessings in your journeys.

Thank you for the fabulous webcast of the S.T.A.R. clinic weekend. I could really feel the energy coming through as I sat in front of my computer and tuned in to each speaker. I felt like I was there. It was amazing. Thank you for making this available and for the wonderful job you did with everything!

Well, you did it again – this S.T.A.R. Clinic even surpassed the first one. I wasn’t able to be there, but I was with you online. What a wonderful line-up of presenters. I especially loved Randy Masters – his work is awesome, and after my work with Jonathon Goldman, I was really able to appreciate what Randy is doing and teaching.

Norma Tarango’s talk was also one of my favorites. I know all of you are going to have an incredible time on the big island for the 12-21-12.

I am one of the people attending the retreat this weekend from afar – Virginia Beach. Randy, your presentation this morning lit up so much in my being that I’m hardly able to sit still and at the same time I am so calm and feel so alive and reconnected. I’m having so many ah-Has and dots connecting and lights turning on and remembrances and ‘oh THAT’s what that is..’ happening. Wow! Wooo-hooo!! How fun!

This weekend’s S.T.A.R. Clinic has brightened by entire Being with great joy, love and purpose. I’ve found understanding and AHA’s from EACH speaker that touched my heart, opened my knowledge and my wisdom to new possibilities and old ones revisited and empowered with fresh insight and so much more. Each hour seems to bring more en-light-en-ment (is that a word?). Fabulous!

The event was amazing and the energy is incredible. The dance that Deb [did] was very powerful… I look in her eyes [and that brings] this lovely peace inside the self. I felt her love and I know she [is] my sister. I said I love you my sister. She Is wonderful Soul.

The Brothers and Sisters spoke the Comic language, I spoke too. I hear in my mind the translation. I love you my sisters and brother. I had great experience watch the event, I miss some session [of] the event. I will watch.

Thank you and gratitude you for Who you are, this wonderful Being of Light and help us in this time.

First of all, many thanks for the wonderful STAR clinic. So, so amazing. Thank you. I bow to you all.

This was super, so glad I could watch! Thank you all so much!!

I think Vladimir and Chris opened another portal at the Clinic, it was so powerful, I had to hold onto a chair, I felt like Mary Poppins …heeeeeeee. Shift happens, just when you’re least expecting it. Who would ever have thought, we’re such a long way from home. Wee

My gratitude to My friend and Sister the Light Nina Brown for the powerful energy Event. Was a Gift the Galaxy Being. My gratitude for all speakers. [It] was amazing…

Truly incredible event. I’m still integrating alot! Thank you, thank you Nina, and wonderful Randy Masters, Matthew, and all the enlightening presenters, and all those who joined and added their energy. We are so blessed!

Well that was a fabulous weekend 🙂 I trust everyone enjoyed the abundance shared. Thank you to all who came together in the spirit of love for the Cosmos – Earth and Humanity. oxox

The event this evening was amazing. I am so happy see you in computer. You are [a] wonderful Soul. Thank you so much be here [to] help us in this powerful moment the Golden ages…

I love being able to attend like this. You are so right – it enables those of us who cannot be there in person still be able to attend. Fabulous!!

I am almost speechless and yet I feel like very cell is lighting up with ah-HAS and understandings going off.

Hello Nina…thank you for making this S.T.A.R. Clinic available by livestreaming. It is wonderful. Gratitude and Joy…

It’s a great ‘seminar’ and I myself am thoroughly enjoying it and the terrific speakers! Thank you so much for inviting me!

Thank you so much for all the beautiful speakers, I feel really moved and HAPPY to participate by webcast, I love the GIFT of these 3 wonderful days to join worldwide with soul mates to anchor the light.

I’m very grateful to be participating this weekend.

From my medieval village in South France I am attending your Live-stream Event In Albuquerque and to night I was crying 3 times being deeply touched by the performers. Thanking you for the opportunity of opening gateways for recoding ourselves and humanity! BBB : Breath Breaks all Bondages

Oh and THANK YOU. Really enjoying and benefitting from all of it….as I am fully grounded here and so it is a nice experience (and I think enhancing) to be at home and grounded where I meditate and live and be there with you all….you could say the livestreaming really goes right along with Nina’s vision of each of us around the globe grounding the love right now in concert.

Wow.. I am so grateful to you and everyone for this weekend. And thank you for doing so much to open the way for all of us joining remotely to feel like we were right there. I feel like I have been sitting in the room, part of every moment – including the dance. I danced around my room with everyone – and thank you – I cannot remember names right now – the beautiful spirit who opened the dance and who just before the camera stopped – came up to the camera and sent blessings to all of us. I am so humbled and grateful to be part of this. The meditations were so powerful – again just as I was there. the bringing in of the codes at the end was beyond words – I felt that so strongly. This weekend truly changed my life – as you said Nina. I’ll send a more coherent email in a couple of days. But my heart is so full I wanted to thank you now. Please thank everyone. And thank you to the camera person – fabulous fabulous portal!! Love and blessings.

On Monday, just one day after the Fall S.T.A.R. Clinic, I began to notice that my packages of new info that were BC (before clinic 🙂 “a knowing” now included hearing galactic languages along with seeing written light notes as it seemed to enter into my(self) Being as a knowing. So very exciting!!! This is fun. This is joyful! Cosmic Love and gratitude.

All the realms are rejoicing right now, all the fairies are dancing with delight, what a fabulous time to witness all this amazing stuff, to download your ancestors. You rock Nina. The clinic rocked and I fell into another beautiful abyss of being. Lots and lots of love to you.

THANK YOU so much for your contribution to make the webcast with Nina Brown and all the participants possible, for me it felt like a gift from heaven, I am going to repeate the whole program because it was so beautifull and so much profound information and wisdom and love…

THANK YOU sooooo very much for the BEYOND words profound and powerful platform you have put together this past weekend with the STAR Clinic!!! I was with you ALL in the Quantum Field trough Live stream and cannot express the Gratitude that I am experiencing.

Nina, beautiful Nina! Wow! I am very touched by your story of how you have come out of your closet and declare to the entire world and Universe your Magnificence!

Thank you for paving the path! I AM finally ready to come out from my behind the scene as well into total Transparency Humility Authenticity and Mastery.

S.T.A.R as been my way of BEING and living for the last MANY years and yet the last consonant “R” (the receiving) was still a little dampened by the part of me that believed in “Not good enough to be God yet.” And YES the Time is NOW! I can NOW declare after this weekend that any remanence of that programming is been totally and finally dissolved! I AM now standing in my SOVEREIGNTY. I AM a Creator in apprenticeship in the Quantum Field of Infinite Possibilities enjoying every part of my CREATION! How does it get any better then this?

WHAT ELSE IS POSSIBLE? I will let God answer that one for me. Every-thing and every single One in the gathering was perfect and divine and also I would like to share with you that Randy Masters fully blew me open and I loved every single part he brought in. Norma’s presentation was so full of the Plasma of the new Reality! and… and…. and …..every other word and transmission and sounds and wholeness… WOW! I feel a deep strong urge to be with you and the other Magnificent Goddess of Norma in Hawaii for the december solstice, and I have been moving this desire into the Field and rearranging things and let things be rearranged to see if this is a possibility becoming Reality. In deep sincere loving Gratitude.

I’m traveling with a friend through NM now but I wanted to stop and write to you to thank you for this most exciting weekend at the Tamaya. I felt transported beyond anyplace I’ve ever been. The love, compassion, and kindness of the BEings entered my heart and changed me. The Presenters were brilliant and beyond amazing with all their knowledge and wisdom. They carried with them an energy which I cannot describe but I was deeply and profoundly affected.

Nina, I just listened to your intro on the webcast archive while I worked and had to stop and write. My heart just burst open during your prayer! I love you!

Nina, this was truly a magical event. I felt like I was floating the entire weekend. And to see how people from around the world joined in – was powerful!!

This is Thursday morning the 4th day after the Fall S.T.A.R. Clinic. The energy has not ‘worn off or gone into a sadness because it’s being missed.’ While I have planned to attend the Spring Clinic, I am not in a longing for the future to come to me with the lack of interest or the lack of high frequency around me to lift me for a short span of time. It not only is SAFE to live the NOW moment ALL DAY, it is profoundly joyful in it’s completeness to be present with mySelf and what is transpiring in my life in every hour of every day. Very self empowering to attend and be attentive in these Star-Wisdom Weekends! Joyful Light and Love

I want to thank you for the beautiful STAR clinic and all the perfect souls who were gathered. What a amazing experience! There are no words for the beautiful energies that came to me. New paths are coming into my field. I trust my divinity more and more. Thank you from the deepest area of my soul.

Just want to let you know what an absolute wonder and Joy your workshop was for me. I LOVED it! I was able to see a beautiful and free side of you I had never seen before and it warmed my heart. The Presenters and the participants were all extraordinary. Thank you for allowing me the experience.

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for the S.T.A.R. Clinic. Randy Masters was a star and he had a stellar (literally, no doubt) supporting cast. (I didn’t exactly plan all those puns but they’re good, aren’t they?) I’m getting ready to review all my notes to find out if I understand anything Vladimir, Chris J. or Randy told us. But the gain for me was energetic and stepping more firmly into my Divinity. I feel like what was ceiling for me is now floor.

I want to thank you for allowing me to volunteer at the STAR Clinic and participate in the wonderful gathering.! I had an inspiring and heartfelt time and it was definitely a 2012 highlight for me. I loved meeting and experiencing so many beautiful beings and friends. The speakers were stellar in more ways that one. Thanks for bringing it all together.

I did want to share with you my gratitude and appreciation for bringing through this wonderful group of presenters.

I was most impressed with the high level of integrity and honesty that each of the presenters brought forth. I loved the way everyone was able to appreciate the others views and that there was no feeling of competition or need to oneup or go into ego about what they were sharing.

The information brought through by Vladmir and Randy and also Christo (Sp?) was impressive. I’ve told my friends that this was the best conference I’ve ever attended. And I truly felt that. I have been to many workshops and retreats and this one was truly special. All in all, it was wonderful! Thank you, thank you. Be loved and well.

Good Morning Nina,
Thank you so much for your leadership in the creation of the beautiful experience at the S.T.A.R Clinic. I settled in yesterday and listened to the reflection conference call. The open hearted conversation was so profound. We are pioneers in a frontier that is new each day. Our ways of being together are shifting for sure to the inner realms of our consciousness. The old structures are dissolving along with old belief systems. I feel like a child with such love and innocence within and surrounding me. The experience of the Fall Clinic became a playground for me. I got to dance in the light and joy of new friends and be amazed. I loved the experience so much. The presenters and participants were the same…all divinely guided to be there Being love, expressing love, and experiencing love. Being in this presence of joy was and experience beyond words and more real than I can express. I felt our intuition leading and guiding the way. Wow wee zow wee!!!!

Sparkles of light and dancing joy!

However after finally watching the STAR clinic video’s it is clear that Big Island is where I should be. So much valuable information was shared but a few things really stood out for me and it brought together so many of the elements I have been working with myself – only half the time I discount these things as folly. Your event re-enforced the true value of the strange things I do, see and hear, it’s real and it’s powerful and it’s sacred work that we have undertaken. I feel blessed to be on the journey and grateful to have met you all. Because the gift is in sharing, together we create a picture with the unique talents we bring, none more or less important than the other.