Dream with Integrity, Intention and Imagination to Create – 9/15/12 (new moon)

Ambassadors of the golden dolphin energies on planet earth, today we come to you in the frequency of the new moon, with new information. As the moon begins to grow and unfold its image to the planet over the next few days, so too will our information grow in the hearts of those with a remembering of why they incarnated at this time in the evolution of humankind.

We speak about coherent light, the light that is entering the aura of Gaia and through her is available to you. The light is no longer transduced. It is available to all in its purest state. This light of creation is gifted to you now so that it can be integrated into your subtle and gross physiology to transmute density, wounds and blocks. With this alchemical process will come a crystalline clarity of being, remembering and acting.

The information that we share now is that the frequency of each particle of light has the ability to simultaneously bring into coherence all the light for all of your past and future lives as well as all aspects and expressions of your soul signature. With the crystalline clarity that will be generated, you become the radiant, divine human that you have always been, but have forgotten.

We will walk you into a dream with integrity, intention and imagination to create a platform by which this transmutation may occur. We ask that you stand under the star system that holds the most light for your expression on planet earth. Identify in your mind’s eye the sacred space which resonates with those stars. Create an enormous medicine wheel surrounded by infinity space and call to the center your oversoul. In the north, south, east and west positions, and all those in between, call in all of the expressions of your oversoul.

From the Great Central Sun, through your sun and into your oversoul will flow the purest particles of creation known on the planet. Radiating out through the heart center of your oversoul to all of the heart centers of each expression will be transmitted, with love and compassion, these highly vibrating particles. Hold the intention that the light transmission between each heart be coherent, clear and of the highest potential of that of the divine Creator.

As you imagine this medicine wheel located in the space of your unique star system represented on planet earth, see what you have called into being. Expand the medicine wheel, and the unified you, up to the new 144 crystalline grid, as a pillar. Each one of you reading this message becomes a clear pillar of expanded light connected to Gaia and to the crystalline grid, that will ignite on 12/21/12. You are the enormous being of light come to planet earth to bring this light to the world.

As you vision the brilliance of who you are each day from now going forth until the winter solstice, the image will grow in your awareness to become your reality. All of your past lives, all of the aspects of you will become unified, exchanging coherent light emanating from the center of the enormous medicine wheel, which is being transmitted from the sacred heart of your oversoul. All becomes one in crystalline clarity. This is your gift to planet earth. This is why you have chosen to return, to be the pillar of light, to radiate that coherent light of creation to all of humanity and beyond, to the cosmos. And so it is.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphin Avatars of Sirius B