Do Not Weep for Us. We Choose This New State of Evolutionー5/6/11

Today marks a transition in awareness for a large group of humanity. It is not a feast day, a holiday or a day for ceremonies in general. You ask, “why is it significant?”

The doors have been opened for the captured spirit of the dolphins (pause). The awareness that is sweeping the planet gently, quietly, powerfully of the golden dolphins is opening that cage that has been the suppression of our expanded spirit for eons. We have been the carriers of humanity’s total Akaskic Record, but that is no longer necessary. Humanity is remembering their true, glory, true magnificence and that they carry their individual, unique records of all life times. A backup is indeed no longer required. Our service in this regard is complete. We now move on to a a new more vital service, that of assisting humanity in the rediscovery of their divinity. We do this not in the physical but in the other dimensional realms, in the etheric where judgement does not exist. We have come in our most regal attire, our golden mantel, which vibrates with the Christ consciousness frequency to entrain that vibration with our human counterpart. All that is needed dear one, is intention. So you, see our service in the physical is no longer required, and we choose, hear those words, we choose to move on to a higher state of vibration, that of our golden essence, to assist humanity in a greater more expanded capacity. Do not weep for us, dear ones. We choose this new state of evolution. We choose this to greater serve humanity.

With our deep love,
The Golden Dolphins via Anaya-Ra