Denise Troyer shares: dolphin sighting and the San Antonio September Gathering

Denise Troyer, lead for the San Antonio pod, shared her experience and some pictures of dolphins in the wild and the Gathering of Golden Dolphins she hosted in San Antonio:

“I don’t know if anyone had shared any pictures of the dolphins who joined us and played along side all our boats for about fifteen minutes on our way back from Skellig Michael to the mainland (on Tyb’s recent Ireland trip). My pictures aren’t that great but it was SO heart opening seeing them playing. We were clapping and yelling and they were jumping and swimming. So cool!

Sunday the 30th I had my monthly pod meeting. I really liked that channel you got on the new moon and that was what we did (the medicine wheel and aligning with your star system…). We built the wheel and the ones who had brought drums drummed and then had another girl opening, closing and welcoming into the circle the directions etc. Then I read your channel and used my little brass bowl which I think sings on F for the heart while we meditated. Everyone said they enjoyed it and one of the guys who is a psychic investigator here in SA (San Antonio) said he saw two native americans in their full head dresses dancing in the wheel. And as we were actually doing that on the full moon we saw that as the completion as well.”